10 Amazing & Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

Most of us know Valentine’s Day to be the day of love and romance, when people around the world celebrate by professing their feelings for their loved ones. The day is linked with traditions like exchange of roses, chocolates, teddies and gifts. But there are some unusual things about the festival too, which all of us might not be aware of.

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Here are 10 amazing & interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day

#10. A tradition related with Valentine’s Day is that during the Middle Ages, young people were asked to draw a name from a bowl and the name that would be drawn would be that person’s Valentine. They were then required to wear the name on their sleeve, which is also believed to be the origin of the phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve”.

#9. It is said that there was a custom in the medieval times that girls were supposed to eat bizarre foods on this occasion, so that they could dream about the person who would come in their life in future.

#8. when it comes to showing generosity on the Valentine’s Day, women are more open hearted as 85% of Valentine’s Day gift shopping is done by them. On the other hand, 73% of men shop for flowers while 27% are bought by women.

#7. It is also the most popular day for wedding proposals with as many as 220000 coming on this special occasion. As many as 189 million stems of roses were sold in USA on this day. The amount of money spent on chocolates on this day has gone over $ 1 billion in the country.

#6. Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing your love for your beloved. In fact, the maximum numbers of Valentine’s Day cards are received by teachers. Next come children, followed by moms, wives, lovers and pets in the same order.

#5. Another amazing fact about Valentine’s Day is about the city of Verona in Italy, which is the backdrop of the story of the ultimate lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Till date, the city receives as many as 1000 letters addressed to Juliet on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

#4. Chocolate has a strong association with Valentine’s Day because it has been known to calm down the feelings of a person yearning for love, and it was usually recommended for such people since the early times. In fact, the first box of chocolates was produced by Richard Cadbury on the Valentine’s Day.

#3. There is logic behind rose being the flower associated with the festive day of love. Though most of us regard rose as the flower of love and passion, it is also considered as the favorite of the goddess of love, Venus, which links it with Valentine’s Day.

#2. February 14 was declared as the Valentine’s Day by King Henry VII of England in the year 1537 and is being celebrated as a holiday around the world since then.

#1. The legend behind the origin of Valentine’s Day goes back to the period of the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who prohibited men from getting married at the time of war. At that time, Bishop Valentine rebelled against the Emperor and got people married secretly. He was executed for this crime and Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate his sacrifice for lovers.

All these facts about Valentine’s Day make the occasion even more amazing!

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