10 Amazing Islands You Must Visit in Canada

Every year thousands of tourists choose Canada as their preferred destination spot for relaxing in holidays. Canada abounds natural beauty with its islands and thousands of lakes across the country. It is a place, which invites people to relax and witness the adventure and thrill. So, being in Canada is like living the best part of your life, which come once in a while.

In fact, to exaggerate that fun quotient, the place leaves no stone unturned and allows the buying of private islands by foreigners. Which means, with almost no restriction, one can own the private island and enjoy the holidays at its fullest. Can you imagine, a whole island being your personal destination to enjoy some good moments with your loved ones! Exotic, isn’t!

So, next time if you are planning for overseas, then must include Canada on top of the list. But before that, you must know the beautiful Island in Canada which you can book as your private destination.

Well, here is a list comprising of the 10 Amazing Islands in Canada, which you must visit during your stay in Canada:

10. Pictou Islands

Pictou Islands

The Island, located in the Northumberland Strait, approximately 4 NM north of Nova Scotia is 10 NM south of Prince Edward Island. There is a small year-round population spread throughout the island, of which the majorities make their living by fishing. It has its independent electricity production capacity, which it produces with the help of wind energy and solar power. Be sure to check out this electricity-manufacturing island next time you visit Canada.

9. Oak Islands

Oak Islands

This is one of the best islands to visit once you arrive in Canada. It offers a wide range of exciting historical tourist attraction sites. It is nicknamed as The Oak Island Money Pit as it is believed that huge amount of treasures has been hidden from the notorious pirates back in the day. There is also a TV series called The Curse of Oak Island Treasure based on this island. The story of the Oak Island Money Pit Treasurehas been written about in many books. Be sure to check out this island, it may turn out that you are the lucky one to find the valuable treasure. Keep it on the top of all!!

8. Harrington Harbour

Harrington Harbour

The Island is huddled on one side of a small, rocky island, looking out to sea. The beauty during the winter season will leave the visitors awestruck. There are no roads and no cars – only pedestrians, bikes, and all-terrain vehicles. Adding it these, the colorful houses and broad walkway will make it an ideal spot to complete your daily walking quota.

7. St. George Island

St. George Island

A small drumlin located in the middle of Halifax Harbour, it was shaped by glaciers thousands of years ago. The islands have been a scene of constant military activity since the World War II. It is popular for its, prison camps, quarantine stations and underground tunnels. This island will surely bring the connectivity between the present world and the history dated back during world war-II.

6. Entry Island

Entry Island

An island off the east coast of the Magdalen Islands, parts of the Canadian Province of Quebec. The island is 2 km wide and 3 km long and it is the only inhabited island, which is not connected to the rest of the island chain. So, bearing no connection to the outside world and its chirping, one can bestow divine peace of the mind and can enjoy fishing, the main economic activity on the Island.

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