10 Amazing Uses of Toothpaste That Will Surprise you

We all know that toothpaste is used to clean the teeth, to make it shinier and strong, reduces gum problems and many other things. But have you ever thought that toothpaste can also be used for many other things, apart from just cleaning your teeth. There are many advantages of having a tooth paste at home. A toothpaste has many properties, which is used for various other things as well. There are various other uses of toothpaste, which will surprise you. And all these uses are tried and tested and it really works wonder. And there is no proper specification of which toothpaste to use, as all the basic properties of these toothpastes are similar and they can be used for other purposes as well. A few of these uses are knows to a lot of people, but few of them are just strange and unbelievable, so as you will go through the list, you will be like, Oh! So we can use it for this also.

Here is a list of Top Ten Amazing Uses of Toothpaste


10. It helps in getting rid of the smelling palms

If you have cut an onion and you are unable to get rid of the smell, then use a toothpaste. Take a small amount of toothpaste in your hands and rub it gently just like how you use soap and wash it off, and after washing you will see that the palms smell no more.

9. It helps in cleaning the carpet stains

If you have spilled something on the carpet, and you have no idea how to clean it, and then take a clean towel or a napkin, put a little amount of toothpaste on it and rub it on the stain. Leave it still for a while and then wash it off. The stain will disappear, leaving your carpet clean.

8. It helps in cleaning the crayon marks on the wall

If your kids have scribbled on the walls with the crayons, then do not panic on how to clean it and let them have some fun time. You can always clean the crayon marks by using toothpaste. Just apply a little amount of toothpaste on a damp sponge and wipe it off. The colors will surely come off, leaving your walls clean and tidy once again.

7. It helps in cleaning the jewellery

Yes, sounds strange, but it is true. You can clean your old jewellery using toothpaste. Just wash your jewellery, use a toothbrush, take a small amount of toothpaste on it and then gently rub your jewellery and wash it off. Your jewellery will become new and shiny again.

6. It helps in reducing shower slimes

If your shower panels have slimes, clean it with toothpaste. It will be become new again.

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5. It helps in removing the rings marks on the tables

If the wooden tables have got any ring marks and you cannot clean it with the normal water, then put some amount of toothpaste on the table directly, and use a cloth to gently scrub it. In no time the stains will go away.

4. It helps in defogging sports eyewear

Cleaning your sports eyewear with toothpaste will remove all the dirt and will defog it.

3. It helps in cleaning baby bottles

It is very important to clean the baby bottles from time to time and using chemicals or any other products can be really harmful for the baby. So the best way to clean the bottles is by using toothpaste and the bottle scrub. Wash the bottle afterwards and the bottles will be clean and fresh again.

2. It helps in reducing acne

Acnes look terrible on the face and it is more annoying if you get an acne just a day before when you have to attend an event Do not worry, if you discover an acne on your face, then just apply a small amount of acne on your face and leave it overnight. Next day your acne will disappear.

1. It helps in cleaning your nails

Yes, toothpaste is not only for teeth but for nails as well. Brush your nails regularly with toothpaste, and within a week’s span you will see that your nails have become bright and shiny.

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