10 Amazing Weapons Used in the Ancient Times

Mankind has evolved from the deep jungle to the world of technology. But along with it, we have carried the instinct that we had earlier. In ancient times, we felt the need of weapons to protect ourselves from other animals and to hunt. But, slowly we started killing fellow people. The more civilized we became; the most dangerous use of the weapon was seen. Now we came to an era where Nuclear Power has become the ultimate power. But it is better to go back into the ancient times and see how we actually started all of these weapons. Here are 10 amazing weapons that human used in ancient times.

10. Macuahuitl


Macuahuitl was one of the most preferred weapon used in ancient times. The weapons were made of wood with prismatic volcano glass blades on the edges. The size of it would be around 3-4 feets and 3 inches broad. It had the vicious power to tear and cut anything that comes to the blades.

9. Kpinga


It was a kind of throwing knives that was used among the Azande clan of Nubia. The knives were made of three different blades and used to be very effective while hunting or penetrating the enemy.

8. Pinuti


It was the sword made by the Filipinos. The 16-18 inches sword was actually made for the farming purpose but later was used for combat. It was very light to handle and easy to use.

7. Emeici


These are the traditional stabbing weapons of China. They are sticks of metals with sharp ends and generally wore a detachable ring on the middle finger.

6. Chu Ko Nu

Chu Ko Nu

It was automatic bow and could fire arrows in very quick succession. They had magazine made of wood at the top to contain arrow and this Chinese weapon was used for their rapid speed over the normal bow and arrow.

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