10 Amazing Wonders of the Ancient World

There were originally seven wonders of the ancient world but now only one wonder is left. Many lists were made that highlights the seven wonders of the ancient world but there are many other wonders that were not mentioned in those lists. So now, I am going to provide you with the list of top 10 wonders of the ancient world which regarded as the masterwork of the hard work and skills of the people of that epoch.

So have a view of the top 10 wonders of the ancient world.

10. Salah Al-Din Citadel

Salah Al-Din Citadel

It is also regarded as the one of the greatest monuments of the world. It is located in the Southern part of Cairo, Egypt. It was a military defense complex that was built in late 1100s. It was built by the main opponents Christians Crusaders, Salah al Din.

9. Tower Of Pisa

Tower Of Pisa

Tower of Pisa is located in the renowned country Italy. It was built over the course of several hundred years. It is also called as the leaning tower of Pisa which is worldwide for its inadvertent tilt. The height of the tower is almost 55.86 meters from the ground floor. The tower is tilted up to 5.5 degrees and is still leaning today that is why it is one of the wonders of the world.

8. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

The wonder that stands on number 8th is the macho Picchu that is located across 80,000 acres across the mountains of Peru. It was abandoned just over 100 years ago. The most unusual feature of this site is that a giant stone is raised on a platform that towers over plaza.

7. Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral is also known as Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely. It is a capital church in England and it was built in 673 AD. It is made of Timber and is supported by 8 piers of stone. Because of its dominant position around the flat landscape is also considered as the 7th wonder of the ancient world.

6. Colosseum


The wonder was built in 80 AD and is built in the Rome. It has been standing in the Rome for nearly about 2000 years with bearing remarkable earthquakes and fires. It is elliptical arena that is standing in the middle of the Rome. It is of the great interest to tourists so it is listed among the top 10 wonders of the ancient world.

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