10 Beautiful Honeymoon Places with in India

India is really a country that can offer a lot of things, whichever age bracket you belong. Historic places, amazing parks for children, scenic sights, mouth watering cuisines, name it and India surely has it. For a lot of couples from all over the world, consider yourself lucky since are a number of breathtaking places in the country that are even famous for honeymooners. In relation to this, here are 10 beautiful honeymoon places within India that you should consider visiting:

10. Shimla


Shimla is a beautiful city particularly located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Many newly weds from all over the world choose to go to this place because of its romantic setting. It has plush hills that will let you enjoy the abundance of nature, and it also has snowy peaks that can just be usually experienced in the Western countries. Honeymooners can do so much things here like trekking, river rafting, angling, and biking.

9. Darjeeling


Darjeeling is one magnificent municipality that can be located in the amazing Indian state of West Bengal. It is lying in the Lesser Himalayas, so it surely has an amazing view of natural sights. In fact, this place has been branded as Queen of Hills. With its cool climate and peaceful surroundings, there is no way honeymooners won’t find it really the best.

8. Kutch


If you and your partner want to have a honeymoon in a very unique place, then you might like visiting Kutch. It is actually the biggest district India has to offer, and you can find a lot of things here from shopping malls to exotic and relaxing places. Having a romantic night with your partner in the wide white sand desert of Kutch will surely be memorable for you as couple.

7. Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand is a breathtaking state in India, which is attracting a lot of adventurous honeymooners from all over the globe every single year. If you want to try skiing, then you should go to Auli where ski-workshops are regularly conducted before you can actually try the adventures of skiing. You can also visit the Jim Corbett National Park in the city of Nainital.

6. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is another state in India that can be a perfect place for honeymooners. If you and your partner are into wildlife and religion, then this place should be in the number list of your itinerary. This state is packed with a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that can surely amaze you.

5. Kerala


It is a state in India that can offer you scenic views of the natural spots available in the place such as mountains and forests. It even has seem to be no ending lakes where you and your partner can sit at the banks and have some great moments. Moreover, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the coffee and tea plantations here.

4. Kashmir


This geographical region in India is definitely a beautiful and perfect place for honeymooners. The beauty of the place is simply incomparable, so it is rest assured that couples can have great moments while having a honeymoon in Kashmir. It has snow-clad mountains that will make you feel as if you are in Switzerland.

3. Goa


Goa will surely make couples more in-loved to each other because of its amazing sceneries and places for honeymooners. It can offer beautiful beaches where you can sit at the seashore and watch the romantic view of the sunset. You can also treat your eyes to the gorgeous Portuguese inspired architectures in the place.

2. Udaipur


Another beautiful place in India that can make newly weds enjoy is the city of Udaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In this city, you can be able to witness right within your front the breathtaking, huge palaces constructed several years in the past. The shimmering lakes surrounding the city will also make you more relaxed.

1. Andamans


Of course, who would not love to visit Andamans? Aside from the enjoyable and exciting water sports that you can try here, you and your partner can also enjoy the sun-kissed, gorgeous beaches that are nestling in the area. You can even go island hopping here, making your bond with your partner even tighter.

These are the 10 beautiful honeymoon places within India that you can visit. Make sure to visit them with your partner for your honeymoon.

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