10 Countries with Most Beautiful Female Military Forces

Women are a key to success for every nation. Armed forces mostly contain men but this doesn’t mean that there is no place for women to be in. women can do anything that even men cannot do. Military forces with women have a great history that extends over 400 years past in the world. Ranging from serving foods and things to the soldiers to serving conflicts, the beautiful women played an important role in the armed forces.

Some women in the armed forces are so hot to win any beauty contest. So here is a list of armed forces that contain many beautiful soldiers in their militaries.

10. US Army

US Army

In United States of America, women have been involved in military since 1775. But in that period they were allowed only in the civilian awards such as nursing, laundering, mending and cooking. But now, most positions in USA are opened to women, they also can fight side by side to the men. American women soldiers hold on tenth position because of their attractiveness and beauty.

9. Czech Republic Army

Czech Republic Army

After the World War II, Czech Republic allowed their women to take part in the military services but in the World War II, they fought as medical personal, phone operators and gun crews. Now in the 21st century, women have become a vital part in the army of Czech Republic. And their army stands on number 9th with the most attractive women in their forces.

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8. Polish Army

Polish Army

The Government of Poland sorted out for the brave women who can take part in their military operations in the year of 1938. In the year of 2004, the government allowed the female armed personnel in the professional fields. And currently there are almost 2500 women in Polish Armyand holds a position of number 8th in the attractive female armed forces in the world.

7. British Army

British Army

This army holds the number 7th position in our list because of the attractive women in the army that have been taking part in the military tasks since 1990s. Presently, the women of the British Armed Force are taking part in combating units in the sectors of royal marines and royal air force regiment.

6. Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army

Pakistan is the single country in the Islamic World where women have been providing services in hostile and combating operations since 1947 after the establishment of their country. Women soldiers of Pakistan are listed among the 6th most attractive armed forces in the world. The women of army have trained in the sectors of combating, snipers, airborne and also in infantry warfare.

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