10 Countries With The Most Numbers of Modern Slaves

Slavery has been a thing in the past and even up to this particular generation. In the history, slavery was forcedly imposed by those people who were powerful in a certain place. But today, becoming a slave is already a choice. It becomes a popular way of earning a living of a number of people. The main reason for this is the poorness of a certain country. In relation to this, here are the 10 countries which have the most numbers of slaves:

10. Thailand 


This is one amazing country located in Southeast Asia, packed with numerous of breathtaking sceneries such as beaches. In spite of the richness of the country, Thailand is still included in the list of countries that have great numbers of slaves. Based on the data of Global Slavery Index, modern slavery life is being experienced by 475,300 Thai people.

9. Bangladesh


It’s a small country in the southern part of Asia that is packed with amazing waterways and lush greenery. Labor exploitation is very observable in this country; not to mention the corrupt country officials. 680,900 is the estimated number of Bangladeshi who is experiencing modern slavery.

8. Indonesia


This country is made up of a number of amazing volcanic islands that made the tourism industry of Indonesia very flourishing. However, it cannot be denied that such beautiful Southeast Asian country is packed with many slaves. The estimated number of slaves here is 714,100.

7. Congo 


The Republic of Congo is one Central African country. Sad fact is, Congo is a least developed country, and this is one reason why a lot of residents in this country opt to become slaves. It seems that they have no choice. The estimated number of slaves in this country is 762,900.

6. Nigeria


Another African country that has great numbers of slaves is Nigeria. There are 834,200 slaves as an estimated number in the country. Nigeria is experiencing modern slavery even though this doesn’t suffer much from civil wars unlike any other African countries out there.

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