10 Excellent Nail Polish Brands You Have to Know

Cosmetic products are very important things in this modern world. These are actually parts of the technological innovations happening nowadays. These products are manufactured in order to enhance the physical beauty of a person. Good examples of cosmetic products are the nail polishes. A nail polish will give color and life to your nails to make you even more beautiful. Now the question is, do you know what are the top 10 excellent brands of nail polish? Here they are:

10. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish

The founder of this American nail polish brand is none other than Bobbi Brown, herself. She is actually a professional makeup artist. Aside from nail polishes, this brand is also known in producing makeup products like lipsticks and fragrances.

9. Nars Cosmetics

Nars Nail Polish

A professional photographer and makeup artist was the founder of this nail polish brand. He was French in nationality, and he named Francois Nars. Lipsticks are the first products of this company. After the success of the lipsticks, the company decided to manufacture some other beauty-related products like nail polish.

8. CND

CND Nail Polish

Creative Nail Design, Inc. came into existence because of the brilliant mind of a dentist named, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom. Using the nail polish of this brand will never require a base coat on your nails. Within just 9 minutes, your nails will get dry already. There is no need to use of UV lights or LED.

7. Cover Girl

CoverGirl Nail Polish

This brand of nail polish is undeniably popular. This is used by a lot of famous international celebrities. It may be less expensive compared to other brands, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that its nail polish products can last longer than expected. This brand is also selling several makeup products like lipsticks, eye shadows, and face foundations with different shades.

6. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Nail Polish

This particular brand is also one of those popular brands for nail polishes. It has a variety of nail polish products that come with different colors. The best thing about its nail-related products is it can make the condition of the nails healthier than ever.

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5. Essie

Essie Nail Polish

Essie Cosmetics, Ltd was founded by Essie Weingarten. The company was founded on 1981. It was also the year when the company launched its first ever 12 nail polish products that have different colors. The launching was done in Las Vegas, Nevada.

4. Revlon

Revlon Nail Polish

It was way back in 1932 when Revlon was founded. It is a famous company that manufactures products for skin care, fragrances, and make-ups apart from nail polishes. The founders of this excellent cosmetics company was Charles Revson, Joseph Revson, and Charles Lachman.

3. China Glaze

China Glaze Nail Polish

This nail polish brand is known for it’s the best formulation of nail polishes that will certainly give your nails a great and vibrant look. Its nail polishes are made using the latest long lasting technology. Moreover, it offers a wide range of nail polish products in terms of color.

2. OPI

OPI Nail Polish

There are actually millions of people who love using the nail polishes of OPI. In fact, OPI nail polishes are being exported to 50 countries nowadays. One thing is for sure, the company’s products will really make you beautiful.

1. Loreal

Loreal Nail Polish

Loreal is actually a French company that offers a wide range of beauty products like lipsticks, eye shadows, face foundations, and nail polishes of course. Its main office can be found in Paris, France. Out of all the cosmetics companies in the whole world, Loreal is the biggest one.

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