10 Extremely Interesting Internet Legends that Shaken the World

Today, the world is obviously embracing the great technological innovations. These great technological innovations are the main reason of the advent of the internet. However, there are many internet legends circulating in the entire world nowadays, and 10 of them are the following:

10. Cancer Can Be Caused By Tampons

Cancer Can Be Caused By Tampons

A few years in the past, there was a report that circulated on the web that 56 women because of the tampons or sanitary napkins they used, which contained carcinogenic chemicals. However, there were no proofs being recorded about it.

9. Oreo Cookies Can Be Addictive

Oreo Cookies Can Be Addictive

The world famous Oreo cookies were once the subjects of discussions in online forums. There were people that said that they contain an addictive substance known as cocaine, but there were no evidences to prove it right.

8. Party Mehndi Cone Caused Some Skin Diseases

Party Mehndi Cone Caused Some Skin Diseases

Party Mehndi Cone is a kind of ink used in henna tattooing. There was once a report circulated in the internet that a woman acquired skin infection because of applying such on her skin. It may be true, but there was no vivid proof that may support the claim, so it was considered to be an internet legend.

7. HIV-Spreading Needles

HIV-Spreading Needles

USA had once shaken by hearsay that there were some HIV-spreading needles placed in several US states that cause some people to be infected by HIV. In Virginia, it was said that HIV-spreading needles were placed in pay-phone booths. In Dallas, the needles were placed in movie theater seats, and in gasoline stations in Florida.

6. Giant Squid Were Found

Giant Squid Were Found

Several years in the past, there were reports that said that giant squids were found in a certain place in the world. Their gigantism was said to be caused by radioactive-related activities in that took place in a nuclear power plant that can be found in Japan.

5. Progesterex as “Date Rape Drug”

Progesterex as “Date Rape Drug”

Progesterex, known to be an animal sterilizer, was once branded to be a “date rape drug”. It was said that a lot of men mixed it with Rohypnol to the drinks of their date, causing them to sedate and addle until they ended up being raped.

4. Throwing Eggs on Car Windshields

Throwing Eggs on Car Windshields

A group of criminals threw eggs on the windshields of a number of cars just to do their criminal interests. The moment car drivers tried to wipe the eggs, their vision can be blocked, forcing them to stop the engine. This is where the criminals approach into the car and rob everything.

3. Mermaid Remains

Mermaid Remains

On the Malaysian seacoast, there was found said-to-be mermaid remains. However, there were no facts presented that will support it. Some people said that this was a sculpture made by Juan Cabana. Some even said that it was a product of digital manipulation.

2. Dog-Faced Man

Dog Faced Man

There were reports that a Brazilian man named Rodrigo Braga undergone a plastic surgery that made him a dog man. However, the truth about it was that he just muzzled the euthanized dog ears on his head to make his face appear like a dog.

1. Liking and Sharing Syndicate on Facebook

Liking and Sharing Syndicate on Facebook

It’s common to see pictures of malnourished child or a handicapped soldier on Facebook. This picture was used in a dirty internet marketing strategy. The creator said that by clicking “like” or “share” button, you can donate some money for the person, only to find out that Facebook users were brought to a website aiming for higher web traffic.

These are 10 internet legends you must know. They are only legends, so they’ll never be true.

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