10 Famous Celebrities with Equally Famous Parents

They say that one’s acting chops runs in the blood and that being a celebrity is “all in the family.”

This could very well be true.

In Hollywood, there have been generations of actors and actresses who come from the same brood. Some of them were probably trained by their parents to follow their footsteps. Others were not immediately encouraged to give acting and show business a try but were very observant anyway.

This list gives you ten interesting celebrities and their equally interesting celebrity parents. How many of these do you already know?

10. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Hudson gained popularity in her films such as Skeleton Key, How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days, and Almost Famous – for which she almost won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Hudson’s mother is Oscar winner Goldie Hawn while his biological father was singer and actor William Louis “Bill” Hudson. She was raised by her step-dad and Goldie Hawn’s partner – actor Kurt Russell. She had repeatedly admitted in interviews that she was influenced by her mother and stepdad to give acting a serious try.

9. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

This Jewish American actor became famous for his slapstick comedies like There’s Something About Mary, and Zoolander 1 and 2. Stiller’s dad is Jerry Stiller, who starred in The Kings of Queens. Ben and Jerry have starred alongside each other in films such as The Heartbreak Kid, Heavyweights, and Hot Pursuit. On the other hand, Ben’s sister Amy, is also in showbiz and is known prominently as a stand-up comedian.

8. Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

Everybody knows Liza Minnelli. She is an Academy Award winner for Best Actress in Cabaret, an accomplished recording artist, and a gay icon. But not very many people know that her mother was also the equally famous yet very tragic Judy Garland and that her father was the Italian filmmaking legend Vincente Minnelli. Indeed, she comes from a family of thespians.

7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Not too many people know that Aniston, who starred in the sitcom icon Friends from 1994-2004, has celebrity parents. And she surely does! Soap opera fans would clearly recall the character of Victor Kiriakas in Days of Our Lives. That villainous character was plain by her father – John Aniston. Her mother was also a retired soap opera actress. Aniston is very attached to her father and claims to have inherited her love for acting from John Aniston.

6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Twilight lead actress Stewart is probably one of the most polarizing actresses working in Hollywood today. Some people adore her, others hate her to the fore. In real life, she could not care less. Not when her father is mega-producer John Stewart and her mother is script supervisor Jules Man Stewart.

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