10 Famous Companies Profited The Nazis

Nazis were those people who used to be members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was known in English as Nazi Party. This party was very active during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in the beautiful and progressive country of Germany. Historically, Nazis were highly involved in the Nazi war, which happened during the World War II. In this horrible war, there are many companies that profited a lot from Nazis.

Here are 10 of these popular companies:

10. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

The participation of the Hugo Boss in the Nazi war was once a hot global topic. There was a hearsay that the company was the designer of the smart black uniform of the Nazi party. But the truth is, Hugo boss was just the manufacturer, not the designer. The company was the official manufacturer of the clothes worn by the members of the said party, Brownshirts, and the Hitler Youth.

9. Bertelsmann


This is a German-based mass media company, which has managed to flourish in the international market. Bertelsmann used to have a deeper connection to Adolf Hitler. It was the one that published anti-Jewish sentiments through a number of papers and books. It also helped in the promotion of Nazism’s indoctrination by publishing the “Exciting Series” and the “Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth”.

8. Kodak


It was found out that several Kodak subsidiaries helped the Nazis during the Nazi war. Kodak company is Portugal sent company profits to the Hague branch to be used by the Nazis in the year 1942. In fact, Hitler’s personal economic adviser had a big connection to Kodak, ended up being tagged as “Kodak Man”.

7. Siemens


This company was responsible in making gas chambers, which were used by the Nazis in killing great numbers of Jews. The insecticide named Zyklon B was made, and this was a very poisonous gas that caused horrible death to a number of Jewish men and women, including children.

6. IBM


IBM Germany was the one that made a sorting system and a punch card that helped Nazis in identifying Jewish people. Killing the 600,000 Jews was the ultimate goal of Adolf Hitler during his reign. Since there were no computers at that time, Hitler gathered information about the Jewish people through the sorting system and punch card with the aid of IBM company.

5. Bayer


It’s a chemical company that profited a lot from the Nazis. And in return, Bayer supplied IG Farben petrol to the Nazi party as well as its allied bombers, which helped them a lot during the war. In fact, Bayer and the rest of the IG Farben companies were known to be the main financiers of the Nazis.

4. Audi


This big-time car company benefited much from Adolf Hitler’s reign, through utilization of great numbers of forced laborers who are acquired from the concentration camps. They got 3,700 people from the camps, and 16,500 slaves who worked forcefully on their plants. Many of these laborers died due to several inhumane reasons like starvation.

3. BMW


Guenther Quandt, who happened to be the owner of BMW, became a member of Nazi Party on May 1, 1933. As a benefit, the company gained state contracts that absolutely boost the success enjoyed by BMW. The company took advantaged of forced laborers who were war prisoners from Ukraine and Russia. In fact, BMW became the armament economy’s leader.

2. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

This banking institution was the one who allowed Adolf Hitler to have a loan, which was used in the construction of the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. In this particular camp, Jewish people were unrightfully killed. From the month of August up to November, the number of Jews killed was 363,211. As a benefit, the bank acquired thousands of gold kilograms.

1. Daimler-Benz


This company that manufactured the world-renowned luxury car known as Mercedes Benz utilized forced laborers in order to increase their production. These people were from the concentration camps, who happened to be war prisoners in the Nazi war. The number of people who forcefully worked in the company was 63,610.

These are the 10 popular companies that gained so much benefits from the Nazi Party during the World War II. However, these companies were very sorry for what they did in the past.

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