10 Interesting Facts About Babies Born During the Winter

Seeing your baby for real right there in front of you is certainly a bliss on your part. After taking good care of him or her in 9 months in your womb, your sacrifices and hardships have totally paid off. The question is, what if you have a winter baby? Well then, here are 10 interesting facts regarding babies who are born in the winter season:

10. Born to Be Intelligent

Believe it or not, there are a lot of parents who are extremely happy for having winter babies. It’s because these babies are known to be intelligent. They are even smarter compared to their friends and some other babies. This can be confirmed by several studies conducted by American and Australian experts.

9. Well-Behaved

Experts find out that winter babies are well-behaved compared to others like summer-born babies. This can be confirmed by a series of scientific studies conducted by excellent researchers in Queensland University.

8. Prone to Some Disorders

Sad to say, winter born babies are usually prone to several illnesses like neurological disorders. It is simply because the mothers of these babies are not well-exposed to the essential vitamins that can be given by sunlight that is abundant during summertime.

7. Possess Weaker Bones

Mothers will never get enough Vitamin D from the sunlight during winter season, making them to mess one important vitamin in their pregnancy. As a result, the babies are badly affected. They must have insufficient calcium, causing them to have weaker bones.

6. Prone to Food Allergies

Another problem with winter born babies is they are prone to food-related issues. This is the reason why they must not be fed with foods without being extra careful. This fact can be supported by Journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

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