10 Interesting Facts About the Month of April

April is the fourth month you can see in the Gregorian calendar that people are using at present times. Just like any other months, this month is also an interesting one. In other words, there are so many things that made this particular month very interesting to know. Here are the 10 most interesting facts about the month April.

#10. In the United States of America, there were four Presidents who were born in the month of April. The thing is, there were also 4 US Presidents who died in the month of April. Moreover, in the United Kingdom, there were 3 Prime Ministers who have April as their birth month. The interesting part is, there were also 3 of UK’s Prime Ministers who passed away in this month.

#9. April is also a popular name given to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, the name April is the 423rd most common name in the United States. In the United Kingdom on the other hand, it is the 250th common name.

#8. There are a lot of holiday celebrations in the month of April. These are the Cancer Control Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, Teacher Appreciation Month, National Arab American Heritage Month, National Poetry Month, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Autism Awareness Day, and April’s Fools Day.

#7. Without a doubt, the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere are completely different especially in terms of climate or weather. If you are in Southern Hemisphere, the equivalent of April month in the Northern Hemisphere is the month of October.

#6. People who are born in the month of April have the birthstone of Diamond. The month’s birth flower is the Daisy or the Sweat Pea. When it comes to zodiac signs, March 21 up to April 19 falls under Aries, while April 20 up to May 20 falls under Taurus.

#5. In England, one sign that people holds when spring season is about to come is when cuckoo birds are already everywhere. This happens when it is already April. That is why England has cuckoo festivals.

#4. The month of April is actually named in honor to the Venus. In case you do not know, Venus is the Ancient Romans’ Goddess of fertility, beauty, sex, and love.

#3. In the United States, April is a significant month for all those people who are into sports. It is simply because it is the opening month of professional baseball season.

#2. People who are born in the month of April will carry the character of innocence. It is because the birthstone diamond symbolizes this characteristic.

#1. April is actually the 2nd month for spring season. It is the month where a lot of people are planting different kinds of fruits and vegetables in their farms.

These are just 10 of interesting facts about the month of April. Take note of them especially if you are born in this month. All these facts show that individuals who are born in this month are also very interesting and unique just like the others.

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