10 Interesting Facts About the Month of December

December is the 12th and the last month there is with Julian or Gregorian Calendar. A lot of people love this certain month all because of many reasons. For some, this is the best time for family get-together. It is because there are so many individuals who come home in this month. In order to know more about December, here are the 10 interesting facts regarding the month of December.

#10. In the United Kingdom, the month of December is the time that makes UK drivers extremely worried. It is simply because this is the month when a lot of road accidents in the entire UK happen.

#9. December is known to be the coldest month among the other 11 months in the Gregorian calendar. In Northern Hemisphere, it is the month when people noticed shorter hours during daytime. In the Southern Hemisphere on the other hand, it is the month when people experience longer hours during daytime.

#8. In the year 1647 month of December, Christmas festivities were banned through the effort of English Puritan leader named Oliver Cromwell. It was banned because Cromwell believed that festivities were not appropriate during this holy and sacred day.

#7. The name December was actually derived from the word “decem”. It is a Latin word that carries that meaning of “ten”. The reason for this was that the Roman Calendar had this particular month placed in the 10th month of the year.

#6. December is very precious month since it is the month when International Hug Day is celebrated. It happens during December 4. Since a lot of people are aiming for world peace these days, then December would be the best month to show it.

#5. December is the month always associated to Saint Nickolas. Just in case you do not know, Saint Nickolas is also known as Santa Claus. The said saint is actually the patron of pawnbrokers, thieves, and the little children.

#4. Within the entire year, many people consider the luckiest day to be on the month of December. This is in the 28th day of the month of December.

#3. December is also called the Yuletide season. It is the season of happy hearts and the time for forgiveness.

#2. There are actually a lot of celebrations that are associated in this month. Some of these are Winters Flowers Day, Human Rights Day, Monkey Day, and Forefather’s Day.

#1. This month is the exact time when Christmas Day and Eve are celebrated. Needless to say, this is on the 25th day of December. It is the time when people are giving gifts to their loved ones and sharing their blessings to some other people they do not know in their lives.

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