10 Interesting Facts about the Month of June

June is the 6th month of the most used calendar in the world, the Georgian Calendar. Even though in the initial Roman calendar, before Julius Caesar’s modifications this month used to be 4th. The month of June has 30 days in total. There are few interesting facts about the 6th month of the year which would surely seem interesting to everyone. June marks middle of a year and it’s named after Jupiter’s wife.

10. History of June

In the pre-Caesar initial Roman calendar, the month of June had 29 days instead of 30. When the winter days were given two months and more days were added into the calendar, month of June had been given one additional day.

9. Juno, Jupiter’s Wife

The word June has been derived from Juno, who happens to be the wife of Jupiter. From Juno to June, the naming strategy sounds pretty obvious. However, there are multiple beliefs regarding the naming of June. According to few experts, the name was derived from the word Iuniors; meaning the youth.

8. The Birthstones

Birthstones for the month June are Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. Each of these stones represents different qualities of the people born in June. Health and longevity are achieved through Alexandrite. To achieve horizons of new change, beginnings of new good stuff and emotion in life; Moonstones are used. Pearl; as white as they are, represent the purity of it and faith.

7. Rose

Birth flower of June-born people are Honeysuckle and Rose. Love, devotion, generosity – that’s what these flowers describe in brief. People who are born in June can be moody, romantic, good secret keepers, good at bed etc. In love, Rose happens to play one very important role.

6. June Beetle

A type of bug that’s only seen during the month of May and June, in United States of America is named after the month of June. June Beetle is a common name for these insects. These bugs live on the young leaves of trees and plants.

5. Month of Delicacies

The month of June happens to be month of delicacies! National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Seafood Month and National Iced Tea Month – June is the month of all these. Foodies and dessert loving people will surely find this fact very interesting.

However, June is another month which doesn’t fall in either of these categories. International Men’s Month – it would be weird to call this event delicious…

4. Days in June

June 5 is the World Environment Day and June 20 is World Father’s Day. Both these days are recognized worldwide and celebrated with a festive mood as well.

3. Longest Day of the Year

The longest day of the year is in the month of June. The 21st June is Summer Solstice; this day measures the longest as a day on earth. Across the world science enthusiast people celebrate the day as a scientific event takes place, however some religious groups observe this day with appropriate rituals.

2. Flag Day, Finland

The Saturday that’s closest to June 24th is known as the Flag Day in Finland.

1. Zodiac Signs

Gemini and Cancer are the two Zodiac signs that falls in the month of June. The characteristics of these two signs depend largely upon the facts mentioned in the birthstone point.


The 6th month of the year packs some pretty interesting facts to know. Of course there are plenty more, the ones mentioned here are the most known ones.

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