10 Interesting Facts About the Month of November

Among the months that have 30 days in the Gregorian or Julian calendar, November is the last one. The first is the month of April, followed by June and then September. But when we will base it to ancient Roman Calendar, the month of November is the number nine. Below are the 10 amazing and interesting things that must be known when it comes to the month of November:

#10. In the beautiful country and continent Australia, the month of November is the time that Australian men grow a mustache. On the other hand, two major countries have November as the month to celebrate for No Shave Month and National Beard Month. These two major countries are Canada and the United States.

#9. When it comes to birthstones, there are two of them for the month of November. These are the Topaz and the Citrine. Topaz is a precious stone that symbolizes friendship. This is why a lot of people who are born in this month are extremely friendly. This stone actually has several colors available. However, the exact color for November is the orange-yellow one. On the other hand, Citrine is simply a quartz crystal. Its color ranges from yellow to orange.

#8. November 29, 1929 was the exact date when several people firstly discover the things in the South Pole. It is because it was the day when Commander Richard E. Bryd and three of his companies flew out on that destination.

#7. This month is a very significant day for a world renowned American Author that published very excellent writings. This particular famous American Author was none other than Mark Twain. He was exactly born on November 30, 1835. Another famous author was also born in this month. This was the author of the best-selling book titled Gulliver’s Travel. He was none other than Jonathan Swift.

#6. Another famous person was born in the month of October. He was a painter who was French in nationality. November 24, 1864 was the exact date when he was born. This famous painter was none other than Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

#5. People who are born in this month has two possible zodiac signs. These are the Sagittarius and the Scorpio. Scorpio is for those who were born on November 1 up to November 21. Sagittarius is for those who were born on November 22 up to November 30.

#4. The month of November is also a very historical one. Have you remembered the Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln? Well, it was on November 1863 when he delivered it.

#3. In the beautiful country of Finland, November is also a month that has full of meaning. In this country, people called November as “marraskuu”. “Month of the dead” is the exact meaning of this word.

#2. Push button phone was firstly introduced in the month of November. This kind of phone was invented by Bell Telephone Company. November 18, 1963 was the exact invention date of this phone.

#1. November is also a significant month for New York. It is because this was the time when the Erie Canal was opened formally. This happened on November 4, 1825.

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