10 Interesting Facts About the Month of September

In a Gregorian calendar, which is also known as Julian calendar, there are 4 months that only have 30 days. One of those 4 months is September. It is the ninth month in the said calendar, and there are a lot of things that are extremely interesting about this month. Here are 10 interesting facts when it comes to the month of September.

#10. Just like the other months of the calendar, September also have its birth flowers for the people who are born in this interesting month. There are three of them, and these are the aster, the morning glory, and the forget-me-not. The aster flower symbolizes love. The morning glory symbolizes unrequited love, while the forget-me-not is the representation of memories and love.

#9. Sapphire is the birthstone of this the month of September. This precious birth stone symbolizes peacefulness, intuition, and clarity of thought. Traditionally, reducing inflammation and treating fever is possible through this stone. It is also used as lucky charm of a person when worn.

#8. It was on September 14, 1901 when US President William McKinley died. It was because of the shooting incident happened on September 6, 1901 when the President attended Buffalo Pan-American Exposition held in New York City. Eight days after the shooting incident, he unfortunately died.

#7. September month is very significant when talking about history. It was simply because World War 11 started in this month way back in the year 1939. It all happened because Hitler courageously invaded the beautiful country of Poland.

#6. September was also the month when the name “United States” came into existence. It was way back on September 09, 1776. Originally, it was named United Colonies. But with the effort of the Continental Congress, the old name was changed. The very first Continental Congress happened on the 5th of September year 1874.

#5. September 11, 2001 was a very significant date for the people in the United States. This was the exact date when 3,000 of US citizens died all because of the cruel attack of a number of terrorists. The 3 cities that really feel the agony were Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and New York.

#4. The Hijacking Bill was approved in the month of September, specifically on the 5th of September year 1961. Hijacking is a crime happening in the air, like when you are riding in airplanes. Several years of imprisonment or death is the sanction of this serious crime. It was all thanks to the effort of John F. Kennedy, one of the best US Presidents.

#3. The very first edition of New York Times was published in the month of September. It was specifically on September 18, 1851.

#2. In the medical industry, September is a very memorable month since it was the month when band aid was invented.

#1. September 11, 1946 was the date when a famous singer was born. This person was Freddie Mercury, the golden voice behind the rock band known as Queen.

These are just 10 of the interesting facts associated in the month of September. This goes to show that the month of September is an extremely important and interesting one.

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