10 Interesting Facts of People Born in August

Nowadays, in Gregorian and Julian calendars, August is the 8th month among the 12 months in one year. The original name of this month is Sextilis, which is a Latin word. Such name was taken from the fact that it was the 6th month in the original Roman calendar. Actually, there are some facts about the people who are born in this month that are far more interesting compared to these things about August. Here are 10 of them:

10. Prefer Extreme Privacy

They don’t want to be with so many people that they don’t know. They want to have extreme privacy at all times. People who are born in August may talk to every person they deal with, but giving trust to anyone easily is not their cup of tea. They only trust few people.

9. They Always Think They’re Right

Having an argument to these people isn’t a good idea. It’s because they have this belief that they are always right. The truth is, they are 90% correct most of the time, and you have to accept it even though it may hurt your ego. This is a fact.

8. Extremely Moody

Their mood swings are absolutely insane compared to some other people. You may even get intensely irritated all because of this. Their face is the main mirror of what they feel inside. Hence, it’s best to examine their face first before talking to them.

7. They Love Writing

These people are not into verbal. Meaning to say, it’s not normal to hear them complaining for something or voicing out what they feel inside. They love writing and this is where they express their thoughts and feelings.

6. Choosy

They always choose people who will become their friends. Collecting many friends is not what they usually do. They only select those people whom they think worthy for their time and attention. However, if they consider you as a good friend of them, they always mean it.

5. They Never Waste Money

They want to earn their own money out from their hard work. They never just ask for money to someone like their friends, relatives, and loved ones. This is the main reason why they never waste money. They know how hard it is to earn money, so they always give value to their money.

4. They’re Perfectionist

They want everything to be organized. They want a perfect way of living, even the small details should be perfect. If they find things that are being scattered everywhere, then expect that their mood will become bad. Hence, be organized if you use to deal with these people.

3. They Can Easily Forget Things

Most of the time, things that they find uninteresting may be forgotten by them in just a short period of time. If you want to be with them or make friends with them, be sure to have something that they can find interesting.

2. It’s Hard for Them to Express the Pain They Felt

You may find them too complicated to understand. It’s because they normally complain when they feel tolerable pain. The problem is, they may not say a word if the pain they felt is already serious.

1. Short-Tempered

For sure, you won’t like them when they are mad. This goes to show that you have to take note that they’re short-tempered. Hence, don’t dare try do some stupid things that they might find nonsense. Be sure not to get messed with them.

These are the 10 interesting facts about August people. Take note of these things and know these people well.

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