10 Interesting Little Known Facts about Australia

Australia is a country known for its modernization and urbanization which accounts for its Western living and culture, but there is something fascinating about this advanced nation, which has always made it an attraction for the Western world. It is home to creatures like koalas and kangaroos, which are found nowhere else in the world and the culture of the country, is also very different.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Australia, which might be very new for you:


#1. Smallest Continent and Largest Island

Geographically speaking, Australia is the smallest continent and the largest island, measuring nearly 7.6 million sq km in area. It also happens to be the sixth largest country in the world. Interestingly, the country itself occupies the whole of the continent, which makes it unique in a sense. The population of the country is however small in comparison with its size. Additionally, Australia is the third largest ocean territory, which spans three oceans and covers nearly 12 million sq km.

#2. Driest Continent in the World

Australia is the driest continent on the earth, with low level of annual rainfall in the interior and almost three quarter of the land coming in the category of arid or semi arid areas. On the other hand, extensive farming and excellent supply of water in the fertile area compensates for the unfavorable weather and soil conditions and makes Australia a rich producer of crops.

#3. Population

Despite being one of the biggest countries of the world, its population is just over 20 million. Melbourne in Australia is the city which is home to the second largest Greek population in the world, just after Athens in Greece. A large chunk of the population lives in the coastal regions, which makes Australia the largest urbanized coastal dwelling nation in the world.

#4. Longest Fence in the World

Australia features the longest fence in the world, which starts at Jimbour in Queensland and reaches to the Great Australian Bight in South Australia, spanning a length of 5614 km. the fence is called by different names in different states, such as the Dog Fence, Dingo Fence, Border Fence or Wild Dog Fence.

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