10 Most Amazing Attractions of Indonesia

Indonesia is one amazing country in Southeast Asia that offers a lot of things to local and foreign tourists. It is packed with volcanic island, so the possibilities are really endless in this country as far as sceneries and beautiful sights are concerned. Moreover, Indonesia has a lot of exotic attractions to offer, and 10 of these are the following:

10. Lake Gunung Tujuh

Lake Gunung Tujuh

Around Kerinci region, Lake Gunung Tujuh is one exotic and amazing place that must be visited. It’s situated in a higher level of land, causing it to be ranked as the number one highest lake Southeast Asia has to offer. It’s actually one scenic sight that you can see when you visit Kerinci Seblat National Park.

9. Moyo Island

Moyo Island

This beautiful island is very quiet and seem-to-be untouched when it comes to development. However, there are a number of inns and cottages where you can stay overnight. Such exotic place is perfect for those couples out there, especially those who are having their honeymoons.

8. Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley

If you want to witness and discover the relaxing beauty of Mother Nature in Indonesia, then you should start in Baliem Valley. It’s where you can see a large agricultural population as well as tribal villages. This beautiful exotic place is made known to the world from the year 1938.

7. Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Island

This is just a small island that measures around 13 acres. With this smallness, it is possible for you to tour around the entire island in just a matter of half an hour. This island is also rich in wildlife, making you to have the chance to witness wild animals even those that you still haven’t known.

6. Borobudur


In the northwest part of Yogyakarta, Java is exactly where this exotic and breathtaking attraction stands. It’s a big Buddhist temple built in a very unique architectural design. It was built during 8th and 9th centuries, when the Kingdom of Sailendra existed.

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