10 Most Attractive Beautiful Women Lawyers in the World

No matter what the profession women adopt, they remain the most elegant personality throughout their career. They are appearing in the every field of the world in which they want to work. And despite of their appearance they are also working their best and gaining the fame in their respective arena.

I am giving the proof of the ten most beautiful and attractive female lawyers throughout the world that have get their fame not only due to her beauty and good looks but also of their great skills:

10. Justine Thornton

Justine Thornton

She is an English lawyer who specializes in the environmental law. She is among one of the best and beautiful lawyers in the world. she is the wife of the current leader of the British Labor Party, Ed Miliband. She holds the 10th place on our list because of her captivating looks and she gets her education of law from the Robinson College, Cambridge and became the successful advocate with the stern brainpower.

9. Catia Saraiva

Catia Saraiva

Another beautiful and good looking lawyer on the list is the lawyer from California. She is the rising star of the Californian lawyers and gained enough reputation through her intellect and grace in the courts. She has the passion for the law was also nominated as the Woman Trial Lawyer of the Year.

8. Rachael O’Hagan

Rachael O’Hagan

She is described as the quality juniors in the barristery who can handle the cases with the ease and with the value concentration. She is among the most attractive lawyer girls in the world because of her practical looks and million dollar smile. She is professional in the fields like engineering, technology and commercial disputes. She is ranked as the leading junior lawyer in the state of UK.

7. Mika Mayer

Mika Mayer

Among the most beautiful and the good looking lawyers in the world, Mika Mayer stands on the position of 7th who is the popular American Lawyer. When it comes to understanding the cases with the depth, Mika Mayer is the one who does it exactly like it have to be done. She is the youngest partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP and she is recognized as the Rising star by the Super Lawyers.

6. Laura Bell

Laura Bell

He client friendly barrister, Laura Bell is one of the beautiful lawyers in the world with her deep brown eyes, attractive looks and the cute smile. By 2014, she was rankedas a ‘Leader in the field’ by the Chambers UK Bar Directory. She is the lawyer that has the vast areas of expertise and she leaves no stone unturned to give her potential dedication to her cases.

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