10 Most Beautiful Ballet Dance Photos

Ballet is a kind of dance normally performed in the stage. Originally, this dance came from the Italian Renaissance courts during the 15th century. Later on, France and Russia made some innovations of it, transforming this dance into a concert dance. Since then, ballet has been taught and performed all throughout the world. It has become a very technical dance that has its own vocabulary that is basing on the French terminology.

Ballet is actually a kind of art as well. This is performed with some messages to pass on, just like contemporary dance. The thing is, learning and mastering ballet isn’t that easy especially if you don’t have the passion or willingness to learn it. It takes time before you can finally say that you’re already a professional ballet dancer. It also needs a lot of practice to maintain your ballet proficiency. In fact, there are a lot of professional ballet dancers who can no longer perform it well because they don’t have routine practice with the dance.

There are 3 kinds of ballet. These are the Contemporary ballet, Neoclassical ballet, and Classical ballet. All these kinds of ballet dance are very challenging to perform. This is the reason why you need to spend a considerable amount of time in learning them. They can be learned by enrolling in trustworthy ballet schools in your place.

The Contemporary type of ballet is actually a combination of modern dance and classical ballet. The body control principles and the fundamental techniques of ballet are very important in this ballet type. The Neoclassical ballet is a ballet dance that is incorporated with faster tempos. This is absolutely not like the traditional one. Moreover, the Classical ballet is the exact representation of the traditional ballet dance. Classical type is classified into three, the Russian ballet, the Italian ballet, and the French ballet.

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