10 Most Beautiful Women Who Never Actually Existed

A lot of people these days are living in fantasies. In fact, many of them have crushes on gorgeous women who do not even exist. Yes, you read it right. Many people find a number of fictional characters hot and gorgeous in their eyes. In relation to this, here are the 10 gorgeous women who never actually existed, but still being loved by a lot of people:

10. Guinevere


This beautiful woman is actually the Queen wife of King Arthur. This queen is very controversial in Medieval times since she was accused to have an affair with the chief knight of King Arthur named Sir Lancelot.

9. Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy

Because of the extreme gorgeousness of Helen, she was abducted by Paris and it resulted to Trojan War. In fact, Christopher Marlowe once said that Helen has a face that can sink a thousand ships. This is how beautiful Helen is. As far as Greek mythology is concerned, she was the daughter of Leda and Zeus.

8. Scheherazade


She’s a Persian queen in tales who executed all the kings she married with every single day. You will know her better when you read the tale in which she was the main character. The title of the story is One Thousand and One Nights.

7. Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riveter

Rosie was being loved by many people especially men because of her bravery. She’s the exact representation of American women, who are hard-working and courageous enough to stand the cruelty of life.

6. Allegra Coleman

Allegra Coleman

She’s a fictional celebrity who came into existence in the imaginary world because of a hoax magazine article. She’s actually a product of the wide and great imagination of the writer named Martha Sherrill.

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