10 Most Controversial Vacation Spots Around The World

When we heard the word ‘controversial’, some sort of negativity would probably come to mind immediately. Controversial tourist attractions are associated with death and danger but it’s not always like that. There are so many controversial vacation spots around the world that are actually pretty good, truly fascinating and absolutely encouraging.

Though they are temporarily off-limits due to natural disasters, human right violations, wildlife protection or any other reasons but these places are still considered to be the most popular destinations every adventurous and willing-to-risk people need to experience. However, you are still warned about the area for you to think twice before planning a vacation.

What Makes Some Vacation Spots Controversial

10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The economic growth of Costa Rica, as well as its vastness in tourism, had lessened because of the pollution that surged both land and water where the construction of tourism building occurred. The place becomes highly controversial because of the so-called sex tourism, child sex trade, and the increased drug trade. On the other hand, this place has incredible biodiversity and multitude climate experience.

9. Cuba


People who want to visit the place of Cuba must be aware of pick-pocketing, snatching, burglaries and some crime statistics. All tourists are advised to travel with a licensed people to people tour guide to minimize the danger and that licensed tour operator will let you see the amazing country along with safety.

8. Spain


Spain is the country where demonstrators often took the street and you can often meet an aggressive response from the police. Some demonstrators have demanded independence and this kind of act are spontaneously high in the area so people are being warned to stay away from them as soon as possible. Police are also advised to sweep up passerby.

7. Egypt


Delay travel plans specifically to the North African nations may happen due to some political and governmental conflicts. However, there is no specific law to draw visitors away from Egypt but people are being advised to stay away from public demonstrations which can sometimes turn violent and disastrous. Visiting the area with an expert tour guide is highly recommended.

6. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

The Superstorm Sandy had hit the coastline of New Jersey that tearing up boardwalks, hotels, and beaches few years ago but this place has been now rebuilt and open for businesses. The Jersey shore seemingly sounds bad due to the past incident but the place is finding another way to amuse everyone who visits the city.

5. Mexico


There are millions of citizens visiting Mexico but tourism departments always recommend visiting on specific areas only for absolute safety. This is because some areas are totally dangerous and is not relevant for adventurous travelers.

4. Haiti


When the magnitude 7 earthquake hit the country, there are many worst situations happen in the area afterward. There are numerous crime, disease and damaged infrastructure occurring and it really makes the tourism down.

3. Japan


Japan was also rocked by the largest earthquake in its history that makes the tourism percentage decrease. The said Earthquake triggered a tsunami causing the deaths of thousands of people and destroys multiple large buildings. However, millions have returned and recovered after few years.

2. Greece


The strikes and public demonstrations in Greece have caused a frequent economic downturn. There are so many demonstrations have turned violent that ends up vandalism and fire bombings. If you plan to visit the place, carry a copy of passport at all times.

1. Syria


Syria is one of the most trembling landmarks in the Middle East because of war issue. Some tourists are strictly prohibited when it comes to visiting the country due to widespread violence. Aerial bombing is common to civilian areas as well as arrests, detention and tortures. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get a flight out into neighboring countries because of deadly clashed between government and opposition groups. However, the country still has various different tourist attractions such as the Omayad Mosque and the Old City.

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