10 Most Craziest Laws around the World

Every country has its own specific and peculiar laws and rules that somehow fits exactly to their traditions. While travelling around the world, you must have the knowledge about the specific laws and rules in a country. This will not only help you to keep out of trouble but also it will add fun to your holiday. Surely, these laws are meant to follow and are meant for the public so that they might remain safe from the outcomes of getting in the trouble.

But some laws are made too much weird in some parts of the world that stresses us to make the list of them. So, here is the list of top 10 most crazy laws in world that you might not know:

10. Don’t die in Houses of Parliament

Don’t die in Houses of Parliament

Be aware, you must don’t die in the house of Parliament in England because it is against the law. It is considered one of the ridiculous laws of the world as dying in Parliament is the disgrace of the Royal Palace. But this law has been removed recently by the Government of Britain.

9. You have to sing a Song

You have to sing a Song

Another weirdest law on the list is that a Canadian must sing one song out of the five songs that are playing on radio. It is a law in Canada that you must have to sing a song out of every five songs on the radio. This law is great for the music fans and it is the part of Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC).

8. Women cannot wear pants in Paris

Women cannot wear pants in Paris

Another one of the craziest law in the world is that women are not allowed to wear pants in Paris while they are out in the public place. This law remains enforced for almost 214 years and then in the year of 2013, the French Government annulled this weirdest law.

7. No Cheating in India

No Cheating in India

This law is weird but its practice can make the society well reformed and fair. This law is enforced in India in the state of Andhra Pradesh that exam cheat could give you the jail time for at least 10 years.

6. Women are not allowed to drive

Women are not allowed to drive

In Saudi Arabia, the women are banned to drive. It is the only country where women are not allowed to drive. They must rely on the male to drive them on the work, shopping and to the doctor.

5. It is forbidden to be overweight

It is forbidden to be overweight

Being overweight in Japan is against the laws of the country and you will be fined or arrested if you gain the weight above the recommended weight for your age and height. The waistline recommendations are given to the Japanese as men and women above the age of 40 or below must not exceed the 32 and 36 inches respectively.

4. Don’t Forget the Birthday of your Wife

Don’t Forget the Birthday of your Wife

Tough it is a crazy law but it should be enforced in all the parts of the world as it could strong the bonds of the relationships. But unfortunately it is only exercised in So if you are living in Samoa, then be sure to remember your wives birthday and if you are having a weak memory then it is better to get a reminder on your phone.

3. Don’t pay if you are not full

Don’t pay if you are not full

It is the law that is exercised in Denmark that you don’t have to pay for the food that you have taken from the restaurant until you are full. If not full, then you can proceed without paying the bill.

2. Chewing Gum is illegal

Chewing Gum is illegal

Another most crazy law is that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. For the surety of this law being followed, Singapore prohibited the sales of gums and if sold or brought, a heavy fine is applied.

1. Don’t change Bulb in Australia if you are not qualified

Don’t change Bulb in Australia

This law is exercised in the second most populated city of Australia, Victoria. If you are not a licensed electrician, you are not allowed to change the bulb. So don’t try to defy this Law as it costs a heavy fine.

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