10 Most Cruel Wives in the History of World

Women can be the one who can make the lives of their husbands a paradise but if they disavow to do that then, they can also be the one who can transform the lives of their husbands into a hell. Yes, you have got that right; there are also some women who have thrown their husbands to the beds of deaths in a very cruel manner.

Most Cruel Wives in the History

I am here to introduce these wives to you. These cruel wives are listed below:

Most Cruel Wives in the History

10. The Woman who had cheated her husband after having his denoted Kidneys

Dawnell Batista was having a kidney failure and had two failed kidneys transplant. His husband found match and offered his kidney to the wife. But her wife cheated his husband and caught guilt in sleeping with his physical therapist. Now her husband is requesting for the pay to the kidney transplant and wanting a divorce from her.

9. Viki Lowing, who chose a pet crocodile over her Husband

Viki Lowing a 52 years old lady trained a baby crocodile over 13 years. Her husband was having too much difficulty with the pet and often complained to his wife of not to giving him time. But the lady refused to give up the pet and chose to end up the marriage. And they got divorced in the year of 2005.

8. The woman who is suspected to kill her four husbands

A Georgian woman who is 76 years old is accused of being a murderer of four of her five husbands. Authorities are re-examining the deaths of her four husbands and is suspected to kill them by hiring a hit man for murder.

7. The woman who accidently killed her husband during a Sex Game

A couple named Tony Boarder and Crystal Boarder were used to play the kinky sex games and while playing, the wife accidently killed her husband. The couple was used to hang each other and let them free after several minutes. Crystal Boarder was first hanged and then his husband was also hanged but in the mean while his husband lost his consciousness and lost his breath.

6. The woman who bit the penis off her husband

The furious wife found her husband to be slept with her best friend Liza. The woman woke up and seized the floor lamp over the Liza’s head and bit the penis of her husband. This Russian Couple was separated after this act of violence and Katya was forced to practice the two years labor camps behind bars.

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