10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers: Get Amazed to Know Their Kill-Bill Style

Serial Killers have always been the centre of attraction amidst the world of crime. For a brief knowledge of serial killing, it is basically a term whereby the alleged convict is found to have induced in multiple killings in an organized fashion. Crime investigators and criminal psychologists often refer to the term as “organized killing by a psychopath who may have a motive or may not have a motive behind the murders.”

While very few serial killers pronounce a sound motive, most of the others are found to indulge in this act of “leisure killing.” Perhaps it can be traced down to some haunting testimonials that are versed as, “I loved to see them shout and panic, the pain made me feel the adrenaline rush.”

The top 10 serial killers that go down the pages of history are certainly to give you the chills down the spine.

10. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

This villain of the older days is perhaps among the greatest as well. He has been allegedly known to have indulged in the murder of numerous prostitutes during his time. Very little information persists about him and the mystery remains unsolved until this date. Several theories exist and presently “Jack the Ripper” is also a prolific urban legend.

9. Dennis Nilsen (The loner)

Dennis Nilsen (The loner)

Basically, a self-professing loner, this murderer was alleged to have killed over 15 young men and preserved their corpses in his house. He has been reported to have slept and had sex with their decomposing bodies at his household for days. All of this just to get rid of the loneliness.

8. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

This charming guy was allegedly the most “handsome killer of all times”. Using his charm, he would lure young women to his place and rape them multiple times. He would then strangle the victims to death and throw their bodies down the Taylor Mountain nearby. He has been reported to kill his victims and then indulge in sexual activities with the dead bodies rendering him as necrophilia patient. He would often have sex with the decomposing bodies as well. He was charged of over 30 murders where he was his very own attorney as well. He was also reported to have assisted the police in solving a serial killer’s case owing to his understanding of their mind-set. He was executed on 24th January 1989.

7. Joachim Kroll (The Ruhr Cannibal)

Joachim Kroll (The Ruhr Cannibal)

This serial killer has been a renowned cannibal who would torture young females after having lured them to his apartment. He would later eat the body parts and stack them in various places across the house. One of his neighbours reported against him after he allegedly told that “guts” were blocking the pipeline. He was arrested and given 9 consecutive life imprisonments for the charges of killing over 13 people and indulging in cannibalistic behaviour.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer (The Milwaukee Monster)

Jeffrey Dahmer (The Milwaukee Monster)

This serial killer has been known to have killed over 17 young boys and men during the time period of 1978-1991. He was a retarded killer and a cannibal as well. He performed acts of necrophilia and sodomy. He was arrested after one of his alleged victims fled the premises, managing to alert the cops. He was sentenced to 15 life imprisonments but was later killed by his fellow inmate within the jails.

5. Dr Harold Shipman

Dr Harold Shipman

Necessarily, this doctor was not a lifesaver, but an atrocious killer. He has been known to have killed old people, mostly his patients. Most of the victims were females. There has been no defined motive behind the murders or any signs of torture. He has been commonly referred to as Dr Death as well. He was arrested on 7th September 1998, found guilty for over 200 murders, and he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life imprisonments. He was unlikely to get a parole ever in his lifetime.

4. Andrei Chikatilo (The Red Ripper)

Andrei Chikatilo (The Red Ripper)

This insane killer born in Ukraine was known to find sexual pleasure in killing his victims. His first ever known murder was that of a 9-year-old child,Lena Zakotnova, whom he raped and slashed the throat to kill her. He was reported to have found pleasure in the act as he confessed to having ejaculated at the scene of sprouting blood off the throat. He was also inducted of cannibalistic actions, as he would often eat the body parts of his victims. He was arrested for murdering 56 victims and was executed on 14th February 1994.

3. Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal

This notorious serial killer belonging from Lahore, Pakistan, was indulged in the killing of more than 100 young boys during his lifetime. Initially imprisoned for having sexually abused two young men, he became a practitioner of sodomy after he was left out on bail. He would charm young men into his whereabouts following which he would drug them and rape them. He would kill them atrociously and dissolve the bodies in hydrochloric acid. During his trial, he was found to be guilty and seemed to depict no remorse for the hideous crimes, he had committed.

2. Richard Chase (Vampire of Sacramento)

Richard Chase (Vampire of Sacramento)

This notorious serial killer was an American by birth; that is believed to be extensively influenced by the Nazi atrocities. Owing to a psychological disorder, which rendered him to believe that he was draining off his blood constantly, he would torture his victims, kill them and conduct heinous acts with them. He has been known to be a necrophilia patient who would have sex with the dead bodies of his victims. Following that, he would take a bath in the pool of blood as well. Rumours also suggest of him being a cannibal, as he has been known to eat the internal organs of his victims as well; of which most of them were children. He was arrested and put on death row where he committed suicide on the 26th December 1980.

1. Gilles De Rais

Gilles De Rais

Turning over the pages of history, this ancient killer, born in France can be referred to as the French nobleman that killed mercilessly. Born in the 15th Century, this French nobleman was formerly a military commander and a valiant soldier in the army of Joan of Arc. Later, during his crime life, he has also been reported for mercilessly torturing and murdering over 100 young children, after physically abusing them. Most of the victims of this atrocious murdered have been reported to be young boys, all of this just for fun. Later, during the 1440’s he was found guilty and ordered to be executed by public hanging, followed by burning of the body to ashes.

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