10 Most Evil Rulers in World History

The world has seen many evil and sadistic rulers in its history and these people have taken undue advantage of their powers to cause immense atrocities and excesses on people under their influence. Yet many of them have been able to go unpunished for their evil deeds.

Here is a list of 10 evil rulers in the history:

10. Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco

Spain saw one of its most terrifying rulers in the military dictator called Francisco Franco, who suppressed the country and its people in the 1940s. He was further despised after he got the title of the de facto regent of the kingdom of Spain.

9. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir

Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir

The next name in the list of top 10 most evil rulers in the world history is that of the Sudanese President, Field Marshall Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, who has been ruling the country since 1989. He is well known for the inhuman and serious war crimes carried out against the people of Darfur region of the country.

8. Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

One of the worst dictators that the world has ever seen is Robert Mugabe, who was the Zimbabwean President. In addition to torturing those who raised a voice against his oppression, Mugabe violated economic and human rights in the country, rigged elections and terrorized journalists during his regime.

7. Than Shwe

Than Shwe

General Than Shew is the despotic ruler of Burma since the year 1992. Known as one of the most cruel leaders in the world, he caught the eye of the world when he did not allow aid to reach to the poor victims of the Nargis cyclone which it the country.

6. Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al-Assad

Basher Al-Assad is the evil and cruel ruler of Syria and he is known for his violent and torturous treatment of his opponents at the hand of a secret police force called the Mukhabarat. He has even empowered the Army to use rockets and tanks against the civilians and the opposition leaders.

5. Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon

Next on this list is the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has a fair share of controversies linked with his name. He is known for his narrow minded attitude and worse treatment of the minorities in his country.

4. George H W Bush

George H W Bush

George H W Bush, who was elected as the 41st President of the US, is seen amongst the worst leaders of the country because he literally shattered its economy because of his cruel economic policy which led to accumulation of the US national debt.

3. Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar

Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar

Featuring next on the list of top 10 evil rulers in the history is Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar, who is also called the Mad Queen of Madagascar. She had tortured and killed as many as a million people during her reign.

2. George W Bush

George W Bush

George W Bush, the 43rd US President is regarded as one of the worst rulers in the world because of his irrational acts for eradicating terrorism from the world, which in fact, turned the situation worst. Many people believe that he is responsible for the prevailing conditions as far as terrorism is concerned.

1. Queen Mary I

Queen Mary I

It would not be wrong to call Queen Mary I as one of the worst rulers in the world history. This evil woman earned the title of Bloody Mary because of her extremely evil acts, which included burning 300 protestants, in the attempt to restore England into a Roman Catholic country.

All these evil rulers have been responsible for the miseries of people of their countries and are hated by them.

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