10 Most Famous Landmarks of United States

In the modern age, landmarks are the places that can easily be recognized. The mountains, famous buildings or other famous and remarkable things that gains the focus of the people are generally called landmarks. There are numerous landmarks in United States of America as this state is full of remarkable places and marvelous buildings.

But listed below are the top ten best landmarks that have gained the popularity of the tourists. Famous Landmarks of USA:

10. Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Hoover dam was once known as Boulder Dam as this Dam is located near the Boulder city. It is the number 10 on the rank because it is the one that can be appreciated by the tourists on a large number. It is mostly toured during day time as well as at night.

9. The Hollywood Sign, California

The Hollywood Sign, California

It is the notable landmark as it is the home place for the entertainment industry. It also includes the historical studios. It was completed in 1923 and it quickly became an icon for not only the people of USA but also for the whole world. That is why it stands on number 9 on our ranking.

8. The USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial

It is located at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu. It was first made the place of rest for 1,102 for sailors that were killed during the surprise attack of Japan. This memorial was built in 1962 and is visited by almost 2 million people annually. That is why it is the 8th most important landmark of USA.

7. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

This park is located in Arizona. It is the oldest park of USA. It was named 1919 but it was known as landmark after the thirty years. It was also deemed as the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is truly a majestic site that is why it is placed on number 7.

6. Empire state Building

Empire state Building

It is one of the tourists’ traps as the visits of this site are 3.5 million per year. This building not only became an icon but a symbol of 20th century man’s attempts to achieve the impossible. And it is the best known structures of the world that is why it is placed on number 6.

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