10 Most Haunted Historical Monuments of India

India is the land of diversity. It is full of the cultural heritage and geographical antiquity. There are thousands of historically dated places that are having great enigma. Lots of secrets, stories and mysteries are buried under the grounds of such places that places are termed as the haunted places all across the India.

These historically significant buildings and places are having numerous secrets that have become notable that are reported to be haunted by the ghosts.

Here is the list of these 10 Haunted Historical Monuments in India that have their own cultural importance

10. Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel

This is the luxury hotel that is located in the Mussoorie, Uttarakhand state of India. This hotel is owned by the Controls Pvt. Ltd. This building is the true representative of the English Architecture and once the building was the great summer resort. But once the woman named Miss Frances Garnett-Orme found mysteriously dead in the hotel due to the poisoned drink, the hotel is considered to be the haunted one.

9. Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort

Next on the list is another haunted fort from the state of India, Hyderabad. This fort was built by Hindu Kakatiya dynasty. This fort is considered to be the haunted place of India because the tourists that visit this place have narrated that Taramati, the queen, have been spotted dancing in the royal courtroom late at time. Other stories include lingering of the shadows, hurling of the objects and pictures turned upside down.

8. Shaniwarwada Fort

Shaniwarwada Fort

Next on the list is another fort that has been considered to be one of the most important haunted places in India. This place is located in Pune that was known for its architecture. This place remains open for the tourists but they are advised not to visit this place after sunset because of the story of the murder of the 13 year old prince. The screams of this young prince are still heard in the midnight. It is said the shrieks are most vivid on the full moon night.

7. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli

This monument is located in the heart of the India, Delhi. It is considered to be another haunted monument because of the fact that this unique fort was once trapped by the black water which hypnotized the visitors and committed them to suicide. Many of them have died due to unintentional suicide and this place has now been termed as the haunted place.

6. Feroz Shah Kotla

Feroz Shah Kotla

Another haunted monument from the state of Delhi, Feroz Shah Kotla is supposed to be the home of evil Djinns. A number of murders, suicides and torture had taken place their and due to the reason, this place is regarded as the fort of the ghosts. There is the well in the fort that is rumored that the fairies descend around the well.

5. Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Brijraj Bhawan Palace

This one is the palace that is located in Rajasthan. The palace is rumored to have the ghost of the resident of this palace who was killed by spy of India inside the palace. It is also reported that the guards of the place were slapped while sleeping on the duty. This palace is turned into hotel and the guests have complaint of discomforting while living in that place.

4. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

This fort is the place that is regarded as the best architectural site in India. This site is open for public but not during the dark hours. Because it is cited that anyone who enters the fort in the dark hours does not return back. It is also said that the ghosts lurk inside this fort.

3. Writers’ Building

Writers’ Building

Erected in Kolkata, this building is another famous monument that is having some irregular activities. It is believed that the ghost of the notorious inspector, who was killed by three brave fighters of India, still roams in the building.

2. Hastings House

Hastings House

Located in Alipur, this house is also been termed as the haunted place in India because this house when turned into the girl’s college seems to show some spooky sightings. It is said that the Hasting sometimes enter the college to search for some of his lost documents.

1. National Library

National Library

Another place from Kolkata is the National Library that is the major building in Belvedere Estate. It is said that the student was disappeared from the library that entered in the odd hours of the night.

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