10 Most Inspirational Indian Political Leaders Ever

India is one country that is ruled and led by a lot of amazing political leaders in the past and even up to these days. These were those Indian political leaders who were known for their strict governance, and there were also those inspirational ones who managed to inspire not only Indians, but a lot of people worldwide as well. In relation to this, here are the 10 most inspirational Indian political leaders ever:

10. E M Sankaran Namboodiripad

E M Sankaran Namboodiripad

He was an Indian theorist and communist politician, whom was popularly called EMS. In the year 1957-1959, he served as the very first Chief Minister in the Indian state of Kerala. In the year 1967-1969, he was re-elected as the Chief Minister of the state.

9. N.T.Rama Rao

N.T.Rama Rao

This man was not only an inspirational Indian political leader since he was also an actor, producer, director, and writer. For 3 terms, she served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He was famously called as NTR. His real name was Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.

8. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

At his current age of 65, she already served India in several years now. He’s the current and 15th Prime Minister of India. He’s working in this office since May 26, 2014. He used to be the BJP’s leader or the so-called Bharatiya Janata Party. From 2001-2014, he served Gujarat as Chief Minister. He is now one of the most popular world leader and second most followed leader on twitter.

7. Jayaprakash Narayan

Jayaprakash Narayan

This Indian independence activist, political leader, and social reformer was famously called JP or Lok Nayak. Lok Nayak is actually a Hindi term for “The People’s Hero”. He was the leader of the opposition party against Indira Gandhi, who happened to be the Prime Minister at that time.

6. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi

She was the leader of the Indian National Congress party. She was the very first and still the only female Prime Minister of India. From 1966-1977, she served India as the country’s Prime Minister. She was then re-elected and continued her political legacy from 1980 until 1984, which was the year of her assassination.

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