10 Most Inspiring CEOs Who Changed Tech World

CEO or the Chief Executive Officer is not only a name or chair in the company. CEO is the driving force of any organization and inspiration as well. The leadership of the person can make lot of difference to the organization and bring of lot of changes. They are the source of motivation to do better. There are many CEOs who constantly inspire the world to achieve more. In tech world many such leaders can be found. Here are the Top 10 inspiring CEOs who change the face of the tech world:

10. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore

The founder and CEO of Mashable, Pete is one of the most inspirational CEOs of the world. He has taken Mashable into different level. He has established Mashable as a blog which inspires millions for digital trends.

9. Tim Cook

Tim Cook

It is difficult to replace someone like Steve Jobs, but he has done very decent job. The CEO of Apple has put forward the good work. He is coming with new technologies to expand the business and growth in the post Jobs era.

8. Virginia Rometty

Virginia Rometty

The CEO of IBM has made a huge impact on the industry. She is the first woman to lead IBM and has served the company for last 25 years. She is considered as one of the visionaries of the industry.

7. Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong

He is the CEO of AOL. He has guided AOL to buy the Huffington Post and put Arianna Huffington as the in charge of AOL content. The inspirational CEO has previously worked in the companies like Google.

6. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey

The CEO and founder of Twitter have his own brand. He came back to lead his company as an interim CEO after the serving the post in past. He is considered one of the most visionaries of the industry and has taken the microblogging site into another level.

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