10 Most Legendary Creatures From Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has something to do with the teachings and myths of Ancient Greeks. These include the origin of their rituals as well as its significance, the Greek’s Gods and Goddesses and a lot more. Greek mythology also has great contributions to the learning of many people all over the world. In this regard, here are 10 legendary Greek mythological creatures you should know:

10. Lamia


Lamia is Libya’s beautiful queen who happened to be the mistress of God Zeus. God Zeus is the husband of Hera. Because of the affair of Zeus and Lamia, Hera killed Lamia’s children, causing her to become insane. Because of this, the gorgeous Queen of Libya turned out to be a child-eating demon.

9. Typhon


As far as Greek mythology is concerned, Typhon was the deadliest monster ever born, in which a lot of ancient Greeks were afraid of. In fact, he’s branded as “Father of All Monsters”. In terms of appearance, his upper part is a human, but the head part is composed of 100 scary dragon heads.

8. Sphinx


This ravenous monster was a mythical creature that has the face of a woman, wings of a powerful bird, and a body of a lion. This creature was known to be merciless and treacherous. As per mythological stories, you will be eaten by this monster if you cannot answer its riddles.

7. Echidna


“Mother of All Monsters”, this is what Echidna being branded in the Greek mythology. It’s simply because all the monsters in the Greek myths were all her sons and daughters. The upper part of Echidna is human, while the lower part is the body of a snake.

6. Chimera


This monster is a combination of three animals namely, the lion, the goat, and the snake. Its front head is the lion. On its back portion is the head of a goat while on tail part is the head of the snake. This is known to be the daughter of Echidna and Typhon.

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