10 Most Magnificent Giant Sculptures in the World

Mankind has witnessed huge progress over a period of time and the same comes ahead in the form of some amazing monuments and sculptures. There are some magnificent sculptures around the globe which have been built to commemorate special events or people and hold a great value for people around the world.

Here are 10 most magnificent giant sculptures in the world:

10. The Magic Tap

The Magic Tap

The Magic Tap is a giant structure located in Aqualand-Cadiz, Spain. It looks like a huge tap suspended in the air, with unstopping water supply. However, the water comes from a pipe, which is hidden in the stream of water, right where the tap stands.

9. London Ink Swimmer

London Ink Swimmer

Next among the 10 most magnificent giant sculptures in the world is the London Ink swimmer, which is a majestic swimmer gliding through the grass. The huge sculpture reaches a length of 46 feet and height of 10 feet.

8. Big Buddhas: The Monywa Buddha

Big Buddhas: The Monywa Buddha

Another well known sculpture which is held in high regard for its magnificence is the statue of Reclining Buddha of Burma. The statue is recognized as a symbolic of death and nirvana of Buddha and is a hollow 300 foot long structure, through which people can walk.

7. Louise Bourgeois’s Spider

Louise Bourgeois’s Spider

Louise Bourgeois’s Spider is an amazing looking giant spider located outside Tate Modern. The 30 foot high and 33 foot wide spider is made of bronze, marble and stainless stee, and even features a sac with as many as 26 marble eggs. It is also known by the name of Maman, which means Mother in French.

6. Monster Saw, Tokyo

Monster Saw, Tokyo

The International Exhibition Center at Tokyo has a 15.4 m high saw which sticks out of the ground at its entrance. The sculpture is an eye catching fare, which holds great attraction for tourists around Japan as well as from all over the globe.

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