10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Winter Season 2015-16

Winter is a season that people wear thick-layered outfits since this season is normally extremely cold. It does not mean that you will go out of fashion if it is freezing cold outside. In fact, fashion shows that feature collection of fashionable winter outfits. When talking about the hairdos, bold and styled hair is very appropriate. If you have long hair, then flaunt it and let it flow freely without tying it. In this regard, here are the top 10 popular winter hairstyles that you should consider:

10. Straight High Pony-Tail

Even though untying your hair is appropriate for winter season, it doesn’t mean that a pony tail hairdo can never complement with the cold season. You can still go for this highly fashionable hairstyle, but make sure to match it up with stunning fashionable outfits and make-ups of course.

9. Long Bob Hairstyle

One popular hairstyle for winter season is the long bob. It’s even perfect for summer season. It is actually a classic look, but it greatly becomes a trend during winter. This hairstyle involves a fringe in front and a flowing long hair at the back portion. This is good for longer and oval-shaped faces.

8. Cropped Hair

One hairstyle that is undeniably popular during winter seasons is the cropped hair. People who wear this hairdo will have a confident and stronger look in the eyes of others. Cropped hair can be in shade of brown or copper. It will just up to you what to choose.

7. Side Swept Hairstyle

It will be great for those women out there, may they be teenagers or oldies. Such famous winter hairstyle will show and emphasize the femininity of the wearer. It can be perfect for formal and casual look.

6. Bob with Fringe

Short hair is actually not that appropriate for winter season. However, this does not mean that you can never go with bob with fringe. This is a very popular hairstyle for women in whatever season. Glamour and modernity are always accompanied with this hairdo.

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