10 Most Popular Jobs in United States 2015

Having a defined job is a dream of many people. Job is very important as it gives us a social status. As far as I am concerned, job is one the most important factor of life. And a having good job makes you feels that you are a part of this society.
To choose a best profession as a job is not an easy task. So I am going to tell you about some of the popular jobs that are most taken up by the most of the Americans of USA.

USA’s most popular jobs: According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, the top most popular jobs that taken up by the most of the Americans are as follows:

10. Janitors and Cleaners

Janitors and Cleaners

Janitors and cleaners are the persons that keep the buildings; houses clean and also keep them in a good condition. This category does not include maids or housekeeping cleaners. Most janitors and cleaners work indoors. However, some of them work outside as a part time job. It stands on the number 10 rank as about 2.1 million people take this profession as a job.

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9. Secretaries and administrative assistants

Secretaries and administrative assistants

Except the secretaries and assistants of legal, medical and executive profession, the duties of these are to open, sort and distribute incoming correspondence, file and retrieve corporate documents and also greet visitors and other clients. The ratio of the total Americans in taking up this job is almost 2.2 million.

8. Laborers


Laborers perform a variety of tasks as their work is of physical importance. The loading, cleaning, construction or lifting may be the duties that he ought to perform. Their total ratio in USA is almost 2.3 million. That is why it stands on number 8 on the most popular jobs in USA.

7. Customer service representatives

Customer service representatives

On rank 7 is the customer services and representative as this profession is taken up by approx. 2.4 million people of USA. A customer service representative interacts with customers of the specific company to provide them with the services and information about the products.

6. Waiters and waitresses

Waiters and waitresses

The duty of them is to check the customers and also to provide them with the best services, the other duty of them is to collect the payments from the customers. This profession is taken up by almost 2.5 million people of USA.

5. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses

The top number 5th popular job in USA is nursing. Almost 2.7 million people are indulged in this profession as this profession needs the social emotions. Registered nurses often work in hospitals but they may also be appointed as the care taker for 24/7.

4. Clerks


The main responsibility of a clerk is to communicate with the customers, to collect, count the money and answer the phone calls on behalf of his boss. This profession is taken up by 2.8 million people of USA.

3. Employees at restaurants

Employees at restaurants

The duties of them include food preparation, serving and also delivering. This profession stands on number 3 as this job is taken up by more than 3 million people.

2. Cashiers


This job is taken up by almost 3.3 million people of America. They get job in super markets, malls or simply in a plaza. Their duty is to handle the cash transactions, receive payments and guiding or solving the problems of their customers.

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1. Retail salespersons

Retail salespersons

This job is taken up by the majority of the people in USA. Their duty is maintain knowledge of the current sale, maintain records, compute sales prices and also to watch for security risks. The taken up ratio of this job is almost 4.5 million people.

This article is based on the new report of the Bureau of Labor Statics. This shows that the top three professions are all basically in retail industry.

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