10 Most Popular Magazines of United States

According to the semi-annual report of the AAM’s, there are 367 US comparable magazines that are popular among the citizens. AAM’s Snapshot report includes top- line print and also the digital circulation data for all the consumer’s magazines for every half year.

Below is the list of only to ten magazines by total paid amount in the year of 2014. So let us have a check at the top 10 of them based on US consumer magazine.

10. Woman’s Day Magazine

Woman's Day

It is a USA’s magazine which covers different topics related to women and their interests. Such as homemaking, food, nutrition, physical fitness, attractiveness and fashion. This magazine was published in 1991 by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. About 3.2 million verified and paid till 2014 for this magazine and it is the number 10th popular magazine of USA.

9. Reader’s Digest Magazine

Reader’s Digest Magazine

It an American’s general interest family magazine and stands on number nine. As about 3.39 million verified and paid detail till 2014 for the magazine. It has headquarters now in New York. It was founded in 1922. It was once the best-selling consumer magazine in US.

8. People Magazine

People Magazine

It stands on number 8 with 3.51 million verified costs. It is a weekly magazine that includes the celebrity and human interest stories. It is one of the American magazines that have the largest audience. So people ranked it number 8.

7. National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Magazine

It is 37 % popular among the people of USA with the verified cost of 3.57 million. It is the official magazine of National Geographic Society. It was founded first in 1888. It contains the articles about geography, history and also contains the culture of the world. So it is the 7th most popular magazine of USA.

6. Family Circle Magazine

Family Circle Magazine

It stands on number 6 with over 4 million verified costs. It is the American family magazine that began publishing in 1932. This magazine also sponsors the Family Magazine Cup in the Family Circle Magazine Stadium in South Carolina. And it secures rank number 6th on the consumer’s choice.

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