10 Most Popular Sports in United States 2015

Sport is the one thing that keeps the person fit and healthy. Sports are an important part of culture in the countries like America. Sports and education are particularly associated in USA, as many high schools and universities have organized sports for the students. There are numerous sports in the Unites States of America but some of the sports are really popular which are played and enjoyed by many people of USA.

These sports are listed below. Have a check on them so that you will be able to know about the top most popular sports of USA.

10. Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Martial art began to gain popularity in USA in the start of the 21st century and was developed in 1990’s. Muhammad Ali became the iconic personality in the field of martial arts. And a large number of people of USA enjoy professional wrestling.

9. Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Motor sports includes auto cars and motor cycle racing. Motor sports are widely popular in the United States of America. A large number of motor sports competitions are arranged such as Formula One, MotoGP. These festivals are widely enjoyed by the Americans and the most popular and worldwide famous festival of sports is NASCAR, which is an open wheel racing.

8. Wrestling


Wrestling stands on number 8th in the most popular sports of USA. As the wrestling needs to fight, this the hardest sport for anyone. The fans of this sport could be seen out the wrestling ring which shows that this is the one of the most popular sports of USA. Wrestling organized by WWE is highly followed by the people of USA.

7. Golf


Golf comes on rank 7th when it comes to the popularity in USA. It played by about 25 million of people in USA. Golf is aired on several television channels like ESPN, NBC, Golf Channel and Fox and it is watched by a large number of audience.so it comes on rank number 7.

6. Tennis


Tennis the popular outdoor sport in USA. Tennis is equally popular in men and women both, however it is most popular among the category of singles. The USA has a lot of success in the sport of Tennis for many years. That could be the reason of its popularity among the USA’s people so it secures rank number 6th.

5. Soccer


USA is one of the few countries where soccer doesn’t lie on the top position. This sport is the most widely watched sport of the world but not in the USA. Soccer has increasingly gained popularity in USA since the recent past years. But it is not as popular as football, baseball or ice hockey. It is the fifth most played sports in the USA. So it stands on a rank number 5.

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4. Hockey


Hockey or ice hockey is the two general names for this sport. It is the 4th famous and popular sport among the people of USA. It is most popular sport in areas of North America and Europe. In USA ice hockey gains the popularity mostly in the winter season in the northeast and the upper Midwest. This is the number 4th most popular sports played and enjoyed in the USA.

3. Basketball


Basketball is the number 3rd most popular sports of USA. It is also the 10th most followed sport of the world. It is popular in the whole state of America but mostly in the areas of Eastern and Northern America. The matches of the basketball arranged under NBL or NFL got the attendance of approx. 14000 people per match but this varies accordingly…

2. Baseball


Baseball is the 2nd most popular sport of USA. Baseball is also known as the national Pastime of USA. The competitions of the baseball are not only watched in USA but also in the whole world. This makes the baseball number 2nd sport on our ranking.

1. Football


American football is the most famous sport all over the USA. It is the 9th most famous sports in the world. The competitions of footballs on higher levels are organized under NFL. It is particularly popular in specific areas of USA which includes Florida, and California.

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