10 Most Popular TV Shows in America 2016

There are thousands of TV shows in USA that have gained popularity among the audience because of the suspense and mystery. The TV series have been a good time pass for the viewers of USA since they provide the best and comfortable fantasy for them.

Here is the list of top 10 most popular TV shows that are watched a large number of people in USA.

10. The Good Wife

The Good Wife

The good Wife is an American TV series which is a legal and political drama, that premier on CBS TV Channel. It was started on 22nd of September 2009. This series was created by Robert King and Michelle King. The show has received a widespread acclaim and numerous awards. That is why it stands on number 10th on audience’s poll.



The TV shows that has gained popularity on number 9th in United States of America. NCIS is the American police procedural TV series that has a wide spread of audience in USA. The series consists of the team of fictional characters which conducts the criminal investigations. This TV show stands on number 9th on the popularity basis.

8. Hannibal


It is psychological, thriller and horror American TV series that was developed by Bryan Fuller for the Channel NBC. This series secures number 8th ranking by the popularity among the people.

7. Mad Men

Mad Men

Mad men stands on number 7th position based on the popularity. It is the 7th most watched Television series in USA. It is an American series which is created by Mathew Weiner. It is regarded as one of the best TV series since times.

6. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Band Theory is an American Sitcom which is created by Chuck Lore and Bill Prady. The show premiers in 2007 till 2014. The Show is one of the most popular TV series of USA. This show is primarily created on five characters that live in California. It is one of the widely watched TV shows in USA.

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