10 Most Powerful Military Forces in the World

Many countries around the world have their military forces that will protect the people and the country itself against the enemies. These countries are putting a considerable amount of budget to the military forces department. In this regard, here are the 10 most powerful militaries that you should know:

10. Brazil’s Military Forces

Brazil’s Military Forces

It’s one of those biggest countries in South America and in the entire world as well. What made this country best is its powerful military force that has a power index of 0.6912. It has total active military personnel of 371,199. It even has 822 military aircrafts.

9. Italy’s Military Forces

Italy’s Military Forces

This fashion-oriented country has a powerful military force. Its power index is around 0.6838 and the total number of active military personnel it has is 293,202. In terms of transportation for their militaries, the country has 770 military aircrafts. For the budget, its defense budget is $31,946,000,000.

8. South Korea’s Military Forces

South Korea’s Military Forces

It’s one progressive country in East Asia and it has very powerful military forces. The power index it has is around 0.6547. Its defense budget is $28,280,000,000. Its powerful military forces can be attributed to its 653,000 active military personnel and 871 military aircrafts.

7. Germany’s Military Forces

Germany’s Military Forces

This is another country that has very powerful armed forces. It’s all thanks to its 148,996 active military personnel. The military power index this country has is around 0.6491. Germany’s government is yearly allocated $43,478,000,000 for their defense budget. Talking about military equipment, it has 925 military aircrafts.

6. France’s Military Forces

France’s Military Forces

France is a progressive and well-known country in Western Europe. It’s known for the fact that it has several couture fashion houses. However, this country is also famous because of its powerful military forces. Its power index is around 0.6163, and it has 362,485 active military personnel.

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