10 Movies You Haven’t Probably Watched Yet

Movie worms will know how pleasant it feels to watch a new movie. Movies enhance our inner souls and give us the heavenly feeling of love, laugh, and life; makes us feel the sorrow underlying ordinary human life and the breathtaking moments that make it extraordinary. Movies are for life; however not all movies receive the attention they deserve. Hence we thought about 10 movies that you might not have watched, but you really should! Here are those 10 movies:

10. Midnight at Paris

Midnight at Paris

Rachel and Owen, an engaged couple unveils a different side of life while roaming through Paris streets during the night time. It’s Owen who goes out during the late hours and ends up meeting a different group of people; mostly unexpected yet not uncommon. Not breaking the suspense because you will love it watching the first time.

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9. Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

Maybe the vampire movie fans now need to indulge in a quality movie. Let the Right One In would be a top pick of many movie lovers, especially the ones having soft corner for vampire and love story stuff. There is love between a boy and a girl, and there are vampires. Don’t even put up a comparison between this and Twilight!

8. The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth

How does it feel to meet a man who claims he had been roaming around the earth ever since prehistoric times? The central character who happens to be a professor claims the gene mutation technique had kept his genes unique and free from any faulty replication; and where does the professor’s confession lead the story? Watch to know.

7. Garden State

Garden State

The male character who finds the meaning of his life upon going back to his hometown, sitting at his mother’s tombstone – the whole movie encircles around this plot. There is humor, there is fun and there are serious emotions as well. Thank me later.

6. Walking Life

Walking Life

Lucid dreaming is interesting. Especially if you can fly around some place you don’t know, yet make conversations with strangers there. The conversations are the clichés in the movie, not to mention the required level of animation.

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