10 of the Best Fifth Generation Fighter Aircrafts in World

We are living in the era of technology where everything is getting modernized. As where the aircraft technology is concerned, we have moved to the next generation of aircraft fighters. The fifth generation fighter aircraft is equipped with the state art of technology listed by the United States. Here is the list of top 10 fifth generation fighter aircrafts developed so far.

Below is the list of 10 most amazing fifth generation fighter aircrafts:

10. HAL AMCA – India

HAL AMCA – India

Standing for Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, HAL AMCA is developed by India as a fifth generation fighter aircraft equipped with a twin engine and single-seat. Work has been started on this aircraft and it is expected to be prepared in 2019 by the Defence Research and Development Organization. The aircraft will complement the other aircrafts.

9. Shenyang J-31 (F-60) – China

Shenyang J-31 (F-60) – China

This fighter aircraft by China is currently under progress by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and is known for its first journey in 2012. The aircraft is also popularly known by the names Falcon Hawk, F-60 or J-21 Snowy Owl, Gyrfalcon, etc.

8. HAL Sukhoi PMF FGFA – India & Russia

HAL Sukhoi PMF FGFA – India & Russia

It is a cooperated project of the development of fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) by Russia and India. The project was derived from PAK FA (T-50) which was also being developed for the Indian Air Force. The earlier name of this Indian aircraft was FGFA but the combined project is now known as Perspective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF). It is expected that the aircraft will be introduced in service in 2022.

7. TAI TFX / F-X – Turkey

TAI TFX / F-X – Turkey

Turkey has started its work in the development of its personal fifth generation aircraft known as TFX by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). Instead of importing foreign military goods, Turkey is going to join Japan, United States, South Korea, China and Russia in the development of fifth generation fighter aircraft.

6. Mitsubishi ATD-X (Shinshin) – Japan

Mitsubishi ATD-X (Shinshin) – Japan

Japan can never be left behind when it comes to new fighter technology. Japan is also committed in the development of fifth generation fighter aircraft known as ATD-X (Shinshin). This aircraft uses the stealth technology which is being developed for the research purposes by Ministry of Defense Technical Research and Development Institute (TRDI). It is considered as the first domestic stealth fighter from Japan.

5. KAI KF-X – South Korea

KAI KF-X – South Korea

Another quite popular fifth generation aircraft in the defence industry is the KAI KF-X which is developed for the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU). The most amazing features of this fighter aircraft includes powerful tracking, agility, advanced avionics, composite structures and various features to surpass the fourth generation technology.

4. Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II – USA

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II – USA

Advanced computer processing, advanced stealth and better performance, all describes the new fifth generation fighter aircraft by USA. This new aircraft will be made ideal for the air defence missions, ground attack and reconnaissance. This new fifth generation aircraft have three models, F-35A is a model which is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the second one is F-35B is a short take-off and vertical-landing and third one being a carrier-based variant F-35C.

3. Sukhoi PAK FA (T-50) – Russia

Sukhoi PAK FA (T-50) – Russia

A twin engine developed for the Russian Air Force is a twin engine fifth generation jet fighter. This fighter jet is developed by Sokhoi and is a prototype for PAK FA. The PAK FA T-50 made its first air voyage in 2010.

2. Chengdu J-20 (Black Eagle) – China

Chengdu J-20 (Black Eagle) – China

Manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG), Black Eagle is one of the most powerful, twin engine and multirole stealth fighter aircraft developed for China. The first flight of this fighter aircraft was made in 2011. And the operational services of this jet is expected to start in 2019 to 2019.

1. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor – USA

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor – USA

Obviously USA is expected to top the list when it comes to fighter technology. A fifth generation fighter aircraft equipped with stealth technology and is a single seated jet, was primarily designed as an air superiority fighter but it is equipped with additional features as well. This amazing fighter aircraft is currently operational and can be used in a variety of mission including electronic attack, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance.

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