10 of the Bizarre Funeral Traditions Around the World Ever

Life and death are the part of the nature. And to do away with the bodies of the one who have ceased to live is also a tradition of the world. But there are different funeral cultures and rituals in different parts of the world that are often wired but quite interesting.

Here is the list of the top 10 weird and bizarre funeral traditions in the world that are practiced by different religions or cultures:

10. Famadihana


One of the most bizarre funerary traditions in the world is Famadihana, which is the tradition offered by the Malagasy people of Madagascar. This is the tradition exactly opposite to the proverb, Rest in Peace. After being buried the dead bodies of their relatives, these people dig out the remains of them by digging out their bodies at regular intervals and rewrap them in the fresh clothes. Afterward, they dance with the body around the tomb on music and rebury them.

9. Tree Bound

Tree Bound

Another bizarre funeral tradition in the world is the tree bound which is followed by the people who are atheist, and do not follow any tradition and culture. They simply tie the dead bodies to the ancient trees that are found around the villages. It is believed that by doing this, the dead always remain alive in the hearts of people even after their death.

8. Suspended Burials

Suspended Burials

Another mysterious and the ancient ritual that is followed by the people of Chinese Gong Xian County. This tradition involves the hanging of the coffins on the high cliffs so that their beloved ones remain close to the sky. This makes the corpuses closer to heaven. It is believed that hanging the coffins above the sky would help their loved ones to get respectable positions in front of God.

7. Mass Scavenging

Mass Scavenging

This tradition is practiced by the indigenous people of North America. This ritual involves the throwing of the dead bodies in the pit of the village so that wild animals feed on them. This disposal helps the dead ones live in only one form in the real world and in this way; they have no belongings in the world not even their own bodies.

6. Divulging Dead to Vultures

Divulging Dead to Vultures

Next tradition is practiced by the Parsi community that lives in Mumbai. This tradition involves the cleansing and bathing the dead bodies and then setting them up on the towers of their religious temples so that the vultures can eat up the dead bodies. This tradition also carries the same idea of the mass scavenging so that the dead ones survive only in the single form in the hereafter.

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