10 of the Mosquito Borne Deadliest Diseases

Mosquitoes are one of the ill health causing organisms throughout the whole world. They are small in size but can cause much severe diseases that can cause straight death of the person. According to the researches on various aspects of mosquitoes, there are about 3000 different species of mosquitoes across the world and almost 176 of them are known to world.

Mosquitoes can be annoying and so they are harmful to the man’s domain. They get interfere in the work of the men and so cause ill health of them. Here are the 10 most deadly diseases that can be caused by mosquitoes:

10. Dog Heartworm

It is a parasitic roundworm that is transferred from host to host through the bite of the mosquitoes. This disease is common in USA and Canada where pets are more common to the houses and the vectors of this disease feed on the blood of the pets. This mosquito borne disease can eventually cause the heart failure and the death of the persons.

9. Yellow Fever

Among the list of the deadly diseases caused by the mosquitoes is the yellow fever which is also known as yellow jack, yellow plague or bronze john. It is an acute viral disease which is caused by the biting of the female mosquitoes. The symptoms of this infection include loss of appetite, fever, chills, nausea, back pain and the stomach ache. Also coupled with the damage of liver and that causes to yellow the skin and hence the name, Yellow Fever.

8. West Nile virus

This virus is caused by the dangerous mosquito, Culex mosquitoes, which are native to temperate and tropical regions of the world. This disease is mostly common in the animals and birds but according to recent reports, this virus is also found in the cells of humans and it badly affects the blood circulation of the body and causes the respective diseases that are caused by the ineffective blood supply. This disease is transferred from the mother to the children through the breastfeeding. The worse conditions can lead to coma and even death of the person.

7. Western Equine Encephalitis

This disease is relatively uncommon but is one of the deadliest diseases that are caused by the mosquitoes. This disease is caused by the bite of the Culex tarsalis and it can cause severe sequelae in the new born. This disease is currently incurable and no vaccine is available in US.

6. LaCrosse Encephalitis

This disease is mostly common to the state like Mississippi but is uncommon to the other parts of the world. Almost 90 cases of this disease occur in the state of Mississippi. This disease is transmitted to the humans by the biting of the infected mosquito. The initial symptoms of this disease are fever, headache, vomiting and fatigue.

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