10 of the Most Expensive Lawyers in the World

The fact that lawyers are having the great importance in a society cannot be denied. The doctors and lawyers are having the equal importance in the saving of the nation. As doctors, save the human beings from the illness, lawyers resolve the humanity from the legal issues that are sensitive as like the health of the human beings. A lawyer is someone who represents the victim on his behalf and is always ready to assist them.

So there is the great importance of the lawyers in society and that is the reason why they are the ones who highly charge from the victims. Here are the ten most expensive lawyers who charge high because of their skills and experience. Have a check on them:

10. Benjamin Civiletti

Benjamin Civiletti

Being the most recognized and the highly experienced lawyer in the United States, Benjamin Civiletti is among those lawyers who are the highly paid ones. He became the prominent lawyer of America in this regardwhen he started to charge almost $1000 per hour from his clients. His expertise and the skills make this pay the most justified one.

9. Albert Stainoz

Albert Stainoz

Another well- recognized lawyer from USA, Albert Stainoz is also among the list of those who are in the run of charging high pay from his clients. He is the lawyer of currency exchange and has a record of wining almost 99.43 cases through his whole career. Being the most expensive lawyers, he charges almost $4000 per case from his clients.

8. Howard K. Stern

Howard K. Stern

Another most popular and the richest lawyers in the world, Howard K. Stern is the one who is falling on the rank 8th in the most expensive lawyers of the world. He is native to United States. He is among the richest lawyers in the world having the worth of $400,000.

7. Stacey Gardner

Stacey Gardner

Another one of the most famous and the skillful lawyer of United States, Stacey Gardner is the one who is among the list of the most expensive lawyer of the world. With the net worth of $3 million, she is the lawyer of humanity and often deals the cases of females.

6. Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler

The attorney of New Jersey, she is having numerous titles under her belt. Not only is a renowned lawyer, Vikki Ziegler also the famous author. She is having the net worth of almost $4 million; she takes the private cases as the court clerk.

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