10 of the Most Speaking Languages around the World 2016

Language is a very important treasure in the world. What do you think is the main reason for this? Well, the main reason is extremely obvious. It is simply because language is the best tool used in understanding one another. In other others, one can understand the sentiments of other people by expressing it through language. Hence, it is just safe to say that without language, understanding one another would be very difficult. In this regard, here are the 10 widely-spoken languages in the world this 2016:

10. Punjabi


This Indo-Aryan language is widely used by 1.44% of the human population in the entire world. This language is natively used in Pakistan and India. There are around 102 million people who are speaking with the use of Punjabi language. Amongst the Indo-European languages, this is the only one that is still living and used by many.

9. Japanese


As member of Japanese-Ryukyuan or Japonic language family, Japanese is the national language of the beautiful country of Japan. It is considered as East Asian language that is spoken by around 125 million people, especially those people living in Japan. Even so, only 124 million of these people come from Japan, and 1 million comes from the other parts of the world.

8. Russian


In the United Nations, Russian language is amongst the 6 languages used by a lot of people. All in all, there are around 155 million people who are speaking this particular East Slavic language. This is the official language of several countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, apart from Russia.

7. Bengali


Within India, Bengali is the second language that is widely used by Indian people, especially those who are living in the southern part of Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal region. This is also the official language spoken by the people living in Bangladesh. All over the world, there are around 205 million speakers of Bengali language.

6. Portuguese


This is considered to be a Romance language that is spoken by around 215 million people, and this is the official language of a number of countries such as Sao Tome Principe, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, and Portugal. Portuguese is also the secondary language of the people living in Macau, Equatorial Guinea, and East Timor.

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