10 Serious Sports Controversies Ever Recorded

Many people are into sports. Do you know why? Well, apart from the fact that it’s one of their passion in indulging to sports, they also consider it as a great way in maintaining the great health condition of their body. Even so, do you know that there were sports controversies in the past that really shook the world of sports?

In this regard, here are 10 serious sports controversies ever recorded:

10. Jerry Sandusky’s Pedophile Case

Jerry Sandusky's Pedophile Case

Jerry Sandusky used to be the assistant football coach of the consistent champion football team, Penn State Nittany Lions. It’s the official football team of the Pennsylvania State University. The huge controversy began when it was found out that Sandusky was sexually abusing several children . He was proven guilty and imprisoned, and the Pennsylvania State University was fined $60 million.

9. Argentina’s Winning in the 1986 Football World Cup

Argentina's Winning in the 1986 Football World Cup

In the year 1986, the Football World Cup championship match went to the national football team of England and Argentina, in which the latter emerged victorious. However, there were some controversies on how Argentina’s team won. The match end up with a score of 2-1 in favor of Argentina, and these scores were done by the legendary Argentinian football player, Diego Maradona. On the first score, Maradona used his hand in delivering the ball to the goal but the referee, Ali Bin Nasser allowed it to be counted.

8. The “Bountygate” Scandal

The "Bountygate" Scandal

This serious sports controversy pertained to the NFL team of the New Orleans Saints who was accused of intentionally injuring the football players of the other team. It was said that the New Orleans Saints’ players were paid bounties of doing such thing. With this, the entire team was declared disqualified in the 2009 NFL game, not to mention the suspension of their head coach.

7. The Death Penalty of SMU

 The Death Penalty of SMU

In the year 1986, the National Collegiate Athletic Association gave “Death Penalty” to the football team of the Southern Methodist University (SMU). It was after figuring out that the team violated a number of rules initiated by the said sports association such as illegal payments to the players and the slush funds. “Death Penalty” is the harshest penalty given by NCAA to a certain school. It means that a school is not allowed to compete in any sports competition within a year.

6. Pete Rose Gambling Controversy

Pete Rose Gambling Controversy

The big controversy was intensified when Pete Rose, who happened to be the manager of the famous baseball team Cincinnati Reds, admitted that he gambled in several baseball games even to his own baseball team. There were around 52 games of his team where he betted huge amount of money everyday, which was around $10,000.

5. Tiger Woods’ Extramarital Affairs

Tiger Woods' Extramarital Affairs

Tiger Woods is amongst those highest-paid athletes in the entire world for several years now. He is a famous and undeniably expert in golf. He was married to Elin Nordegren and a father of two. However, he created a big controversy in the world of sports when rumors started to spread regarding his extramarital affairs, which he confirmed later on.

4. O. J. Simpsons’ Felonies

O. J. Simpsons' Felonies

J. Simpson used to be a famous actor and footballer, and he became more famous after committing some unforgivable felonies. In the year 1994, he was accused of murdering a waiter and his own wife. As a result, he was put into prison for 33 years because of kidnapping and armed robbery cases in 2007 apart from the said murder case.

3. The Chicago Black Sox Leveraging Controversy

The Chicago Black Sox Leveraging Controversy

Chicago Black Sox was an official team listed in the Major League Baseball, and it was owned by Charles Comiskey. The controversy arose in this baseball team when Comiskey started using his own baseball team for dirty leveraging purposes. He even didn’t allow his star players to play in a number of baseball games. It has resulted to the banishment of the 8 players of the team.

2. The 1994 US Figure Skating Championships’ Controversy

The 1994 US Figure Skating Championships' Controversy

Tonya Harding, her husband, and some other names involved intentionally hit the knee of the renowned figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan, with a metal baton in order to disable her from winning the 1994 US Figure Skating Championships. However, Kerrigan managed to clinch the 2nd place in the finals while Harding only finished 8th place.

1. Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

Lance Armstrong is a world renowned cyclist who won Tour de France for seven times. However, his reputation was dirtied when he was accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs on his cycling competitions, which he then admitted later on. As a result, he was forfeited from his titles and banned to participate in sports competitions.

These are the 10 serious sports controversies ever recorded in the world. Without a doubt, these scandals are degrading enough.

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