10 Spectacular Stunning Places You Really Love

There are lots of beautiful places in the world that are worth visiting. These places are constantly visited by great numbers of visitors every single day. We are lucky enough to have these places, and we will be even luckier if we will get the chance to visit them all. In this regard, here are 10 stunning places you will surely love:

10. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This national park is undeniably amazing. You will definitely love the breathtaking waterfalls here; not to mention the majestic lagoons and luscious green scenery that surrounds the park. It’s actually the oldest national park Southeast Europe has to offer, particularly Croatia.

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9. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Among the amazing coral reef systems that can be found all over the world, The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is certainly the most stunning one that you will really love to see. It is even the largest one available.

8. Ball Pyramid

Ball Pyramid

In the Pacific Ocean, you can amazingly witness the breathtaking Ball Pyramid. This is exactly located in the Southeast part of Lord Howe Island. It’s considered to be the tallest sea stack the world has to offer. It has a height of 562 meters.

7. Ice Canyon

Ice Canyon

This amazing place is definitely a must visit one. Ice Canyon is actually like a lake in the middle of icy places. It is naturally carved by the water that melted from the ice. This natural lovable place is 150 feet deep. If you want to see it, then you must go to Greenland where it’s exactly located.

6. Blue Lagoon Hot Springs

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs

This is one breathtaking place that you would surely want to see when you visit Iceland. The hot springs are not natural. These are made by a group of people, but the hotness of the springs is 100% natural. This is because of the volcanoes that are surrounding the island.

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5. Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine

This place is a must-see especially for all the couples out there. In fact, this place is branded as “The Tunnel of Love”. This magical place is an old train tunnel where a lot of trees are surrounding it. It’s dominantly filled with fresh green colors. Such place can be found in Kleven, Ukraine.

4. The Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest

This beautiful forest is composed of around 400 pine trees. These pine trees are bent because of unknown reason. It is believed that they were planted way back in the year 1939. If you want to visit this place, then you must go to the beautiful country of Poland, particularly outside the Nowe Czarnowo in West Pomerania.

3. Hotel La Montaña Mágica

Hotel La Montaña Mágica

This is a mountain-shaped hotel which is situated in the middle of nature. The water that is spewing right from the top of this hotel is adding great beauty to this place. If you want to visit it, then you must go to Los Rios region in the beautiful country of Chile.

2. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

This is a popular amazing tourist destination in Italy. This is exactly located in the coast of Liguria region. What made such place worth visiting are the terraces that are amazingly built on rugged landscape.

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1. Wisteria Tunnel

Wisteria Tunnel

What made this place worth seeing are the beautiful flowers coming from the trees that are growing above the tunnel. These flowers are in different colors that will surely entertain your eyes. This place is located in Kitakyushu, Japan particularly in Kawachi Fuji Gardens.

These are only 10 of the stunning places you would surely love. If you’re planning for a vacation, then these are worth-considering.

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