10 Things That You Should Never Do Towards Wedding

Wedding is the most memorable event in your life. The wedding plans start long back and that can be very enjoyable. However, the most important things come when you approach the wedding. People often make some bizarre mistakes towards the wedding and that can cost them a lot. If you are going to be bride or groom keep in mind the following points. You should always avoid these 10 things towards the wedding.

10. Never sleep at late night

You might very excite about your wedding, but you should never sleep at late night. Dizzy eyes and dark circles might appear with pallid skin on the wedding day. You might look back and see your photos and repent why you did that.

9. Never experiment with cosmetics

Everyone wants to look good on the wedding day, but that does not mean that you should try and experiment new cosmetics. You can get acne and other facial problems like redness on the skin on the wedding day.

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8. Never drive along

You might be a very good driver, but you should avoid driving before wedding. Your mind can be distracted and you would never want anything unfortunate to happen just before the wedding.

7. Avoid spicy meals

Try to keep your diet simple before wedding. Your digestion might be very strong, but spice generates sweat and bad odor. It is best to have a simple meal. It is best to have vegetarian food towards the wedding.

6. Don’t consume alcohol

You should avoid alcohol before the wedding. Alcohol can derange your diet and you would never want that on your wedding day.

5. Don’t forget to drink lots of water

Water makes your skin healthy and looks your hair glow. You must drink a lot of water before wedding. It will remove the impurities from the body and keep you healthy.

4. Never take a haircut

Even a good haircut takes a month to look good. It is always better not to take a haircut just before wedding. You might not want to look weird enough on the special day.

3. Don’t take strong facials

It might be bizarre for you. The strong facials can create redness and other skin problems. If you really want to go for a facial then take it at least a month before.

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2. Don’t over exercise

You might be an exercise freak but don’t work out hard before wedding. You must save some energy for the wedding day. The best is to have light jogging on the day before but not too much.

1. Do not eat dark food

Nobody wants their teeth look stained on the wedding day. It is best to avoid dark food towards wedding. You can also go for whitening, but it is best to avoid chocolate, tobacco and other products that can stain your teeth.

You must try everything to look and feel best on your wedding day and you can easily do that by avoiding these things.

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